With Accelevents' integration capabilities, you can now integrate to our event platform with your favorite tools and platforms. To build your own integration, follow the steps below:

1. Click on our Zapier Invite Link Here.
2. Login or Signup on Zapier to accept the integration invitation:

3. Once logged in, click the Accept Invite & Build Zap button

4. Select your Accelevents trigger. This would be a ticket purchase, for example:

5. Connect your Accelevents account:

6. You will see a popup and receive a prompt to enter your Accelevents API Key. This       can be found in your Accelevents Manager console under Settings --> Integrations.     You will first need to turn on the Zapier integration toggle.

7. Copy and paste your API key into the Zapier popup prompt. Click "Yes, Continue."

8. Back in Zapier, click Save & Continue
9. Pick a Sample, click Continue:

10. Now, it's time to add an Action Step. Click a prompt to do so, and you will see               many options for which tool or platform you would like to integrate with. For this            example, we will use Mailchimp:

11. Select your action. Here, we are going to select to add or update subscriber in our      Mailchimp account whenever they purchase a ticket to our Accelevents event or          fundraiser. Click Save & Continue.

12. Connect the account of the app that you are connecting with:

13. Once connected, click Test. This will tell if you the connection is successful.
14. Click Save & Continue
15. Set up the fields or information you would like to update when the action is taken.        This will be different depending on the app that you connect. Click Continue.
16. Test your connection. This will also be unique to the app that you choose to                   connect with. Click Finish.
17. Name your Zap and turn it on --> you are all set! 

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