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Using Interprefy with Accelevents

Have attendees listen to sessions in a different language by using a 3rd party interpretation or translation platform

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Integrate Interprefy

Adding simultaneous interpretation to your session allows attendees to listen to the session in their language, which can benefit your international audience. With Accelevents, you can integrate a 3rd party interpretation platform through the iFrame feature. An iFrame, also known as an inline frame, allows us to embed interactive media within a page. In this case, it embeds simultaneous interpretation solutions like Interprefy.

First, you must sign up for a 3rd party interpretation platform like Interprefy. Once you've signed up and selected the required languages, the Interprefy team should generate a URL you will insert into your Accelevents session.

On Accelevents

  • Create a session through the Agenda & Speakers tab

  • On session details, scroll down to iFrame

  • Paste in the URL from Interprefy

  • Interprefy should appear below the video when the session is viewed from the Virtual Event Hub.

Note: The URL will be in the following format:

"Thisisatestoken" must be replaced with the actual event token that Interprefy will provide. Attendees will not need to enter the login token/password.

This will open a language selection droplist on your webpage.

Attendees will see Inteprefy in the iframe box below the video when they enter the session.


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