Accelevents Studio System Requirements

Learn more about the supported devices and browsers and stay up-to-date with the list of technical requirements

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Studio System Requirements

It is very important for you as an event organizer to be aware of the Accelevents Studio system requirements, as this is the main streaming provider used in our platform. The list below goes over the supported devices and systems and also offers information about the necessary network settings to ensure a successful connection to the Studio page.

Minimum Required Equipment

  • Microphone and Speakers

  • Webcam

  • A device (PC, tablet, or phone) that is compatible with the supported system requirements

Hint: While cell phones and tablets are supported, we strongly recommend using the Accelevents Studio on a PC as the platform accommodates better in medium-sized or large-sized screens. This will provide the most optimal user experience.

Bandwidth Requirements

  • Audio
    - Call: 54 kbps up and down

  • Video
    ​- 1:1 call: 650 kbps up and down
    ​- HD mode: 1400 kbps up and down
    ​- 3 to 4 people: 450 kbps up and (N-1)*400 kbps down
    ​- 5 to 16 people: 184 kbps up and (N-1)*134 kbps down

  • Screen Sharing
    1.2 mbps up (when presenting) and down (when viewing) for high quality. This adapts as low as 320 kbps based on network conditions.

Hint: Up and down bandwidth adapts lower based on network conditions.

Network Connection Settings For The Studio - Firewalls & VPN

Accelevents stores data in AWS and uses dynamic IP address under the domain * If you are using a firewall, antivirus, or VPN, you will need to whitelist or approve the domain of the following:





TCP 443

UDP 20000-65000

UDP 3478

Email Domain: with IPs:

For speakers using Tokbox, please ensure to check your network quality before the start of your session through this Pre-Session Test Tool. If your network quality is unstable or inconsistent, attendees may experience blurriness when you're sharing your screen and choppy audio.

Supported Devices, Browsers, Operational Systems (OS)

Windows 8.1 or 10 | 32-bit and 64-bit

  • Google Chrome (latest version)*

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)

Hint: It's necessary to grant the browser permission to access your webcam and microphone.

MacOS OS X 10.11 and later

  • Safari 10 or later*

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

Hint: It may be necessary to grant the browser permission to run the screen sharing application. You can find instructions on how to do it in our tutorial I'm a Speaker in a Session, what do I do?!

Android OS 4.0 or later

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Tablet and phone devices are supported

  • Some features are not available on devices without Bluetooth, telephony, or Wi-Fi

  • Kindle Fire tablets are currently not supported

iOS 10.0 and later

  • Safari (latest version)*

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

  • Tablet and phone devices are supported

If you are trying to access the Studio through an iPhone or iPad, it may be necessary to adjust some settings in the Apps area of your mobile device. You can learn more about this in our Using an iPad in the studio tutorial.

Hopefully, this article will help with preparing moderators and speakers beforehand so no hardware or software issues are found. Keep in mind that the devices, browsers, and OSs that are not listed in this article are not currently supported. This list will be updated as we improve our platform and increase the number of supported browsers and devices.

Last Revision: March 1, 2021

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