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Attendee Analytics

See your attendees' information at a glance!

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Important Note: Viewing the detailed attendee information may not be available on lower plans, please get in touch with your account manager to upgrade your plan.

The Attendee Analytics tab will give you an overview of your attendees. It will show you their profile, ticket information, which sessions they joined, people they've connected to, their activity in expo booths, and other actions within the event.

Attendees are sorted in alphabetical order of their First Name, and the information for Profile Picture, First Name, Last Name, and Email are shown by default. You can customize the columns by clicking the gear icon.

Select additional columns to be shown under Column List. This are the available information:

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Referrer

  • Holder First Name

  • Buyer First Name

  • Holder Last Name

  • Buyer Last Name

  • Holder Email

  • Buyer Email

The order of the columns can be re-arranged by dragging the fields under Selected Columns. Click on Apply to save the customization. Column selections are saved for each admin user to prevent admins from needing to customize their preferences each time they log in.

To check your attendee's details, select the attendee to open up the menu on the right side.

Attendee Details


This will show the attendee's personal information.

  • Name

  • Company

  • Title

  • Ticket Type

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number


This shows all the tickets they have and/or purchased for the event.

  • Order number

  • Ticket type

  • Quantity


This tab will show the attendee's registered sessions.

  • Session name

  • Status - indicates whether the attendee attended, did not attend, or watched the recording

  • Engagement - shows how long the attendee stayed on the session (live session) or watched the video (recorded sessions)

  • Download - generate a CSV file with the information found in this tab


This will show analytics for the connections made in the event and networking sessions.

  • Total Connections from the Event

  • Names of Connections from the Event

  • Networking Sessions Attended

  • List of Matches from Networking Sessions

  • Names of Matches from Networking Sessions

  • List of Connections from Networking Sessions

  • Names of Connections from Networking Sessions


This shows an overview of the attendee's engagement in booths.

  • Average views per exhibitor booth

  • Number of exhibitor booths viewed

  • Number of exhibitors who the attendee engaged through chat

  • Number of documents downloaded

  • Number of meetings booked

  • Average lead rating

  • Number of product views

User Activity

This shows a timeline of the activities done by the attendee.

Attendee actions that will be shown:

  • Joined Event

  • Bookmarked Session

  • Undo Bookmarked Session

  • Joined Session

  • Viewed a Speaker

  • Viewed a Sponsor

  • Visited an Expo

  • Viewed a People

  • Joined Lounges

  • Entered a Lounge

  • Added a Comment in the Lobby and Lounges

  • Actions Made in Expo Booths

Frequently Asked Questions

Who appears in the Attendee Analytics tab?

  • Everyone with a ticket, admins, staff, speakers, and exhibitors will appear in the Attendee Analytics tab.

  • If the ticket buyer does not have a ticket of his own, then the ticket buyer will not appear in the Attendee Analytics tab.

Will this tab show attendees that did not enter the event?

  • Yes, it will.

If the attendee bought 2 tickets separately, will they show as 2 separate entries?

  • There will be only one entry for the attendee under the Attendee Analytics tab. However, there would be two separate line items under the Orders tab.

How are the attendees arranged in the Attendee Analytics tab?

  • They are arranged in alphabetical order based on the first name. If two attendees have the same first and last names, the one who recently bought a ticket would be listed on top of the other.

Is the data from the Attendee Analytics tab downloadable?

  • Only the session data is downloadable as of this time. However, you may download other reports from the Analytics tab.

How is this different from the other reports in the Analytics tab?

  • The Attendee Analytics gives you data specific to an attendee.

Can I edit anything in the Attendee Analytics tab?

  • No, you can't. The report is automatically generated.

Is there a way to sort attendees by ticket type or status?

  • The attendees cannot be sorted out based on the ticket type or status. However, you may go to Analytics > Registration and download the Ticket Holder Data report. You may sort out the attendees based on the ticket type or status.

Can I download the reports on Attendee Analytics along with other available reports?

  • Yes, go to Analytics>Downloadable Reports. Select the reports that you want to download and click on Download Selected.

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