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Add Interest Tags: Engaging through Networking
Add Interest Tags: Engaging through Networking

Match attendees in your networking session with others with the same interests by adding interest tags!

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The Networking Feature

With every event, the goal is to make it as engaging as possible to catch the attention of your attendees. Our networking feature allows attendees to choose their topics of interest and will help them get matched with other attendees having the same interests in a networking session by adding interest tags to their profile and allowing other attendees to see which attendees have the same interests when they are looking at the "Suggested for You" section in the People tab.

As an event admin, you can give attendees a list of interests to choose from and have them enter their interests or both!

Interest Tags

  • In your admin console, go to Engage

  • Select Networking

  • Select the Matchmaking tab

Add Interest Tags Manually

If you only have a handful of topics, then typing it in would be the easiest way.

  • Type in the topic in the field and hit enter to create an interest tag (e.g., Music)

  • It will then be shown in the tags box

  • To delete an interest tag, just click the X at the end

Add Interest Tags by Uploading a CSV File

If you have a lot of topics, it might be easier to organize a list and upload them all at once.

  • Click the Import Tags button

  • Download the template

  • Enter the interest tags in the template and save it

  • Upload your CSV file through the pop-up

  • Note: The CSV file should have one column with the header labeled Interest

Interest Tags requirements/criteria

  • There is no limit to the number of tags you can create for Professional and Enterprise Plans and White Label (10 interest tags for other plans).

  • There is no character limit per interest tag.

  • Special characters can be used.

  • Duplicate interest tags cannot be created.

  • More than 1 word can be used in an interest tag.

Can Attendees Create Their Own Interest Tags?

Yes! Make sure you enable the toggle to Allow Attendees to Create Interest Tags.

Once an attendee creates their interest tag, it will be shown as part of the selection for other attendees too, and will also be added to the interest tags in your admin console.

How Can Attendees Choose or Add Interest Tags?

Attendees can choose during registration, and add their own interest tags when they enter the virtual event hub through their profile. Attendees can select or create any number of tags that will auto-populate in the Interests tab of their attendee profile.

Set Up Interest Tags Selection to Appear During Registration

To set up the Interest tags through registration, you need to add an Interest Field to your order form.

  • Go to the Registration tab

  • Select Order Form

  • Select the Ticket Holder tab

  • Enable the toggles under Include and/or Require for the Interest field

  • Clicking the pencil icon will show the settings page, where you can select which tickets this question will apply to and enter the question prompt to appear in the order form.

  • Click the Save at the bottom when finished.

Choose Interest Tags Through Registration

When attendees visit the event landing page to register, they will see this question added under Additional Information in the order form. From the drop-down, they can select one or multiple interest tags in the list.

Choose or Add Interests Tags Through the Attendee Profile

When attendees log in to the virtual event hub, they will see the option to select Interest tags through their Profile.

  • Click your name at the top right corner

  • Select Edit Profile

  • Select Interests

  • Type in your interest then hit enter or choose from the list.

  • Then click save

  • To remove an interest tag, just click the X

  • Note: If you did not enable the option to choose interests through registration, attendees could still choose interests from their profile.

Where Will the Selected Interest Tags Show In the Event?

Interest Tags in a Networking Session

After adding interest tags to the profile, those tags will be seen while in a networking session. Your interest tags will be seen by the other attendee, and you'll see their interest tags. It would be shown in the profile details just above the chat area.

Interest Tags in the People Tab

To know which attendees have the same interests as you, go to the People tab in the virtual event hub and do any of the following:

  • Click an attendee's profile to see the interest tags at the bottom.

  • Type in the interest tag in the search bar. It will show you all the attendees who selected that tag.

  • Go to the Suggested For You section to see all attendees who applied the same interest tags as you.

  • Click Filter and then select Interests. Select the tags and click Show Results.

Interest Tags in the Attendee App

When you open the attendee profile, the tags should appear under Interests. And when you go to the Suggest tab, you will find attendees with interests similar to yours.

Interest Tags Analytics

When you download your registration data or ticket holder data reports, it will include a column showing each attendee's selected interest tags.

You may download the reports from the Analytics tab or Attendees tab:

  • Download by going to Attendees > Orders > Download

  • Download by going to Analytics > Registration > Download

Note: to include interest tags in your registration data and ticket holder reports, the interests field should be included in your order form.

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