One of the best parts of attending an event is connecting with other attendees & having the chance to expand your professional & social networks. Luckily, technology has made it possible to keep these important experiences as part of your virtual event.

Accelevents offers 3 main ways for event attendees to network at your virtual event.

Networking Sessions: Networking sessions will randomly match attendees up for a 1:1 video chat, lasting for a duration of time that is set by the host. Once the timer hits 0:30, attendees will be given the option to extended their meeting duration, if it's accepted the extended duration would be half the original set time. If they opt not to extended once the timer hits 0:00 they will be re-matched with a new partner. This pattern will repeat for the duration of the session, allowing attendees to interact with a number of new people.

Please note, you will not be matched with the same person within a 5 minute period so if you are testing networking with a small group of people you may not get matched to anyone if you have already matched with everyone within the past 5 minutes.

1:1 Meetings: On the “People” page of your Virtual Event Hub attendees can send an invitation to Connect with each other. If the request is accepted, the now Connected attendees can request & set up a 1:1 video meeting with each other.

Lobby Interactions: The Virtual Event Hub Lobby offers multiple ways for attendees to interact. The Feed option creates a social media experience, where attendees can post photos, videos or status updates. In addition to the Feed, there is also a general Attendee Chat available in the Lobby. This makes it easy for attendees to casually message or chat in a group environment.

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