The networking session allows attendees to connect with other attendees through a video call for a few minutes. The attendee is partnered with someone at random for a few minutes and then when it's over, they will be partnered again with someone new, much like in a speed dating scenario.

Note: Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub and studio.

Create a Networking Session

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click Add Session

  • Session Type: Networking

  • Adjust the duration of how long a meeting should be in Networking Rules (this is set in seconds)

Test the Networking Session

To test the networking session, make sure that the event date and time are in the present. For this test to work, you'll need at least 2 attendees to test this.

1. Access the event page to buy a ticket

  • Click the View Site button and select View Event Site

  • Since you’re an admin, when you access that page, you’ll be logged in already.

  • Click register to purchase a ticket

2. Access the virtual event hub to enter the session

  • Click Enter Event from your event page. This will take you to the Virtual Event Hub

  • Click the Networking tab

  • Click Join

  • Click I'm ready if you want to get matched now

This is how it should look like from when you're matched with someone

Here are some tips on making sure that your networking session works:

  • Make sure you have a ticket to enter the networking session even if you're an admin

  • Make sure to enable your camera and microphone settings on your browser

  • While in the networking session, do not open other windows, tabs, or programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Admins need a ticket to join a networking session?

  • Yes, anyone who wants to join has to have a ticket.

How long can one match last?

  • It can last for a duration of time set by the event admin in the Networking Rules tab.

Is there a way to make a match longer while I’m in it?

  • Yes, you can! If you want to continue the conversation, a pop-up will appear 30 seconds before the time ends. This extended networking feature would allow you to request a time extension, if it's accepted, the duration of the extension would be half the original set time. You can extend as many times you want!

Can I be matched again with the same person?

  • By default, you will not be matched again with the same person you’ve already matched with previously within a 5 minute period. You can set up wherein you can match again through the Networking Rules tab, just toggle on “allow matching with existing match”

Can I select who can be matched with whom?

  • No, it will randomly match attendees 1:1, but admins can set up which ticket type can be matched with which ticket type

If I forgot to get their contact info, what’s the best way to find them in the event?

  • You can find them in the people tab and you can see everyone who entered the virtual event hub and connect from there.

If the session schedule is over and there are still people in the networking session, what will happen?

  • If the session schedule is over and you are still on a match, this will continue until the match time limit has finished

Can I record the networking session?

  • Networking Sessions are not recorded.

Can I have the networking session in the main stage?

  • No, Networking Sessions are only available in the Networking tab.

What happens when I want to leave a match?

  • The match pairing and/or meet will end and you will go back to the page where you are asked if you're ready to be matched with the next person.

Can I create a networking session before or after my event?

  • No, it can only be scheduled on your event days.

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