Are you or your guests trying to register? This article will help guide you through the registration process and for any trouble you may encounter. We will be discussing the registration steps and the differences for each type of registrant.

I'm a new attendee, how do I register for the event?

1. Go to the event page and click the Buy Tickets button

The event page URL usually looks something like this:

2. Select how many tickets to purchase

3. Input the ticket buyer details

This would be your information since you are buying the ticket. You may buy it for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

The basic information that will be asked from you is the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Create a password - make sure to follow password parameters

4. Input the ticket holder details

Input your information if you are the one attending the event. You can copy the details from the ticket buyer if you are buying for yourself or fill in the information if you are buying on behalf of someone else.

5. Enter your credit card details to checkout

If you selected a paid ticket, you will see the fields where you can enter your discount coupon (if provided by the event organizer) and your credit card information.

After confirming your registration, a pop-up will appear that you have registered successfully and an order confirmation email is sent to the email address you used to register.

I'm a returning attendee, how do I register for a new event?

As a returning attendee, it would be the same process as registering for a new event. The only difference is when asked for a password, it would now say Enter Password instead of Create Password. This is the password you created when you registered for the previous event. If you are already logged into the platform, you will not be asked for a password anymore.

I'm an attendee but someone else bought the ticket for me

If this is the case, then all you have to do is to wait for the order confirmation email to be sent to you, then just click the Join The Event button from the email to go to the event page. Click here to learn more on how to enter the event.

Since someone else bought your ticket, then that means a password has not been created yet for you. You can create your password when you enter the event or by clicking the Verify Account button from the email. Click here to learn more about verifying your account.

Troubleshooting Registration and Checkout Issues

1. Entered All Required Information

Depending on the event that you are registering for or buying tickets to, there may be required fields that both the ticket buyer and holder must enter. You will know it's a required field when you see an asterisk * on the field name. Make sure to fill those out before submitting the information!

2. Check Your Payment Information

Is the payment information that you entered accurate, including:

  • Security code

  • Expiration

  • Zipcode

 Did you forget to enter a piece of information?

If you've forgotten to enter a piece of information, you will receive a message telling you what needs to be fixed.

3. Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Have you tried the above steps and are still having issues? Try the following tips!

  • Try a different browser - we recommend using Google Chrome! However, when using an iPhone or an iPad, Safari might work better.

  • Clear your cache/cookies

  • Make sure the tickets are still available and not sold out - if they are, contact your event host.

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