As an attendee, you will need to register or sign up for the event and purchase a ticket to enter the event. Even if the event is for free, you need to be a ticket bearer in order to attend the event. Once you've entered the event, you can start participating in the activities. Note that you will only be able to enter the event 30 minutes before the first session starts. Below you'll learn the steps from start to end on how to join an event.

Note: Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub and backstage studio link.

Note: If someone else bought the ticket for you or if you didn't buy your ticket on the event page, just follow step 3.

1. Register as an attendee

  • Access the event page on your browser
  • Click the button that says "Register" or "Buy Tickets"
  • Select the type of ticket that you want to purchase then click Continue
  • Enter the required personal information then click Continue
  • Enter your credit card information if it's a paid ticket
  • Click Continue if it's a free ticket
  • Click Close to complete your check out
  • You should receive an email confirmation for your purchase

2. Select the session you want to attend

  • After registration, you'll be taken back to the event site, when you scroll below, you should see the list of session that you can join.
  • Though this is not a required step, you can pre-select the sessions that you want to attend by clicking the "Register" button next to the session title.

3. Enter the event

  • Access the event page on your browser. You can check the confirmation email that is sent to you and click the View Event Details button to be redirected to the event page
  • Click the Enter button to enter the virtual event hub. The button should be visible 30 minutes before the start of the first session
  • Enter the email address you used to register and enter a password, then click Submit. You should be redirected to the virtual event hub.

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