As an attendee, you will need to register or sign up for the event and purchase a ticket to enter the event. Even if the event is for free, you still need to be a ticket bearer to attend the event. If you're done with your purchase and ready to enter the event, follow these 2 easy steps:

  • Open your order confirmation email

  • Click the Join The Event button

Once you've entered the event you can start participating in the activities. Below you'll learn the steps from beginning to end to join an event.


  • Chrome is the preferred browser to access the event page, virtual event hub, and backstage studio link. However, when using an iPhone or an iPad, Safari might work better.

  • You will only be able to enter the event 30 minutes before it starts as a default, but event organizers may adjust it to an earlier time. You'll know if you can enter the event if you see the "Enter Event" button on the event page.

  • If someone else bought the ticket for you or if you didn't purchase your ticket on the event page, follow step 3.

  • If you don't have a password yet, you will need to create a password by verifying your account. We do not assign or select the password for you.

1. Register as an attendee

  • Access the event page on your browser

  • Click the button that says "Register" or "Buy Tickets"

  • Select the type of ticket that you want to purchase, then click Continue

  • Enter the required personal information, including setting a password for your account, which you will use to access the event. Then click Continue.

  • Enter your credit card information if it's a paid ticket

  • Click Continue if it's a free ticket

  • Click Close to complete your check out

  • You should receive an email confirmation for your purchase

  • Note: If you buy your ticket 60 minutes before the event or during the event, you will receive a second email, the Magic Link email, which will have a link that will allow you to log in automatically.

2. Select the session you want to join (optional)

  • After registration, you'll go back to the event site. You should see the list of sessions you can join under the Agenda tab when you scroll below.

  • Though this is not a required step, you can pre-select the sessions you want to attend by clicking the "Bookmark" button next to the session title.

  • All your bookmarked sessions will appear in the My Sessions tab

  • Note: if you're an admin, you won't be able to pre-register for the main stage and regular sessions.

  • Note: If you pre-register for a session, the session's schedule will block off your availability for a meeting during the session. Click here to learn more about setting your meeting time availability once you've entered the event.

3. Enter the event

Option 1: Access the event through your order confirmation

  • Access the event page on your browser. You can check the confirmation email sent to you and click the View Event Details button or the Join The Event button.

    • If you have created a password previously, it will automatically log you in and redirect you to the virtual event hub after clicking the button from the email.

    • If you have NOT created a password yet, it will prompt you to create one after clicking the button from the email. After completing it, you will be redirected to the virtual event hub.

    • If you click the button before the event starts, it will redirect you to the event page.

Option 2: Access the event page link directly

  • If you're accessing the event link directly and not through the confirmation email, click the Enter Event button on the event page to enter the virtual event hub. The button should be visible 30 minutes before the event starts as a default, but sometimes the event organizer opens the event earlier than that. If the button is not there yet, then you're too early.

    • If you have created a password previously, enter your email address and password after clicking the button to enter the virtual event hub. These are for attendees who bought their tickets through the event page and attendees who have previously created an account with Accelevents.

    • If you have NOT created a password yet, enter your email address after clicking the button, then click the option to send you an email to verify your account. Once you receive the email, click the button from the email to confirm your account, and create your password.

You'll know you're already in the virtual event hub if your screen looks something like this:

4. Profile Set-up and Settings

Once you're in the virtual event hub, a pop-up will appear for you to complete your profile. Just follow the prompts to complete setting up your event profile. You have the option to skip this step and fill out the details later by clicking the Edit Profile button under your name.

Troubleshooting and Other Tips

If you're having a hard time logging in or joining the sessions, here are some tips to make it work:

  • Use the recommended browser (Chrome)

  • Make sure that your browser is up to date

  • Refresh your page:
    - Windows: Ctrl + F5
    - Mac: Command(⌘) + Shift + R

  • Clear your browser's cache:
    - Chrome: Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data > Clear data
    - Safari: Command(⌘) + Alt + E

  • Access the page in an incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N)

  • Restart your device

  • Try the other recommended browsers (Safari and Firefox)

  • Check your internet connection/speed (it should be at least 5mbs)

  • Enable the camera and microphone in your browser:

  • Enable pop-ups in your browser

  • Disable any firewalls or VPNs (e.g., malware, AVG)

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