All attendees must create a password at some point - while they are buying their ticket, verifying their account, entering the event, or creating an account.

At times they will be asked to enter their password again, but in some cases, they can enter without having to enter it again. Below we will discuss those scenarios so that you can better understand and explain them to your attendees.

When are attendees asked for a password?

1. Create or Enter a Password through the Register / Buy Tickets button

One of the steps in buying a ticket is to enter the email address and create a password. Once they enter the information and submit it, it automatically creates their Accelevents account.

If they have previously created an account and are already logged in when they visit your page to buy a ticket, they won't be asked to enter their password anymore.

2. Enter an Existing Password through the Enter Event Button

When entering the event, they need to click the Enter Event button, asking them to enter their email address and password. They will only be able to enter the password if they have previously created one.

If they have never created a password, they will get a pop-up with a message saying that a password has not been created yet, and to create one, they need to have a Magic Link email sent to them, then click the magic link from the email to verify their account. Once they click the link, it will redirect them to the event page, where they can verify the account by creating a password. Click here to learn more about verifying the account.

If they don't have a ticket yet, they won't be able to enter - it will not even allow them to enter their password. After entering their email address, they will see an error message that they have not registered for the event yet.

3. Enter or Create a Password through the Login Button

On top of the event page, there is a login button that will allow someone to create an Accelevents account without buying a ticket.

If they have an existing account and simply want to log in, this is the button they will need to click. For those attendees who may want to pre-register for sessions, they will need to click this Login button to be able to bookmark sessions if the event is still in the future.

4. Enter an Existing Password Through the Virtual Event Hub Portal

If you give your attendee the direct link to the virtual event hub, they won't be able to access it if they don't log in. Once they access it, it will ask for their email address and password, just like when they click the Enter Event button from the event page.

And just like the Enter Event button, if they have not created a password yet, it will ask them to click the magic link from the email to verify their account, and if they don't have a ticket yet, it will inform them that they need to buy a ticket to enter the event. Click here to go back to Enter an Existing Password through the Enter Event Button.

When are attendees NOT asked for a password?

If they are already logged in, then they will not be asked for a password. You will know if you are logged in when you see your name in the upper right corner of the page.

If an attendee who has previously created a password clicks the magic link, they will be redirected to the event page and automatically log in without entering the email address and password. Click here to learn more about the Magic Link.

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