Getting more data from your attendees has never been more important. With our built-in HubSpot integration, you can add contacts/attendees from your HubSpot account and have the data automatically appear in Accelevents.

Note: This integration is only available for Scale, Professional, Enterprise, and White Label accounts.

There are four key parts to setting up the HubSpot integration:

  1. Configuring the Integration in Accelevents.

  2. Mapping Default and Custom Question Fields

  3. Setting up a Workflow in HubSpot

  4. Testing the Importing of Registrations from HubSpot → Accelevents

    1. Importing New Contacts from HubSpot to Accelevents

    2. Importing Existing Contacts from HubSpot to Accelevents

Configuring the Integration in Accelevents

  1. Log in with either your organization or white label account. (can be accessed from the bottom left corner of any event page connected to an Organizer Profile)

  2. Go to the Integrations tab and click Configure under the HubSpot logo to begin.

  3. Once you click the Configure button, it will ask you for authentication (this is required in order to push data to your integration).

    • Click on New Authentication

    • Name the authentication and click Create.

    • On the next screen, choose the desired HubSpot account you wish to connect to and click Choose Account.

  4. Choose Static List from the dropdown. A Static List creates a simple contact list in your HubSpot account where your event contacts will be saved.

  5. If the new authorization is added successfully, click on Next. If there are any errors, feel free to refresh and try again. You will always be able to re-configure.

  6. After you click Next, you will see a HubSpot to Accelevents Public URL or Webhook URL. Copy that URL and paste it somewhere to use later to set up a webhook. Click Finish.

  7. After clicking Finish, go back to the Integrations tab. The button under HubSpot will turn green - click on Enable to finalize the integration.

    • You can always click the green button again to disable this integration. When you do, the button will turn red.

    • If you want to redo the process and map additional fields, click on the edit icon.

    • To switch HubSpot accounts or to disconnect Accelevents from your HubSpot account, click the trash icon in the upper right corner of the HubSpot tile on the integrations page within Accelevents.

Mapping Default and Custom Question Fields

By default, the attendee's Email, First Name, and Last Name are the fields that will be exported from Accelevents to HubSpot.

If you want to add new mappings beyond the defaults, go back to your admin console to Settings > Integrations > Configure Hubspot. You'll see two lists there - one for Accelevents Fields and one for HubSpot Properties. You can set what you'd like for each field with the Add a new Mapping button.

To correctly map questions from your order form to HubSpot, make sure to enable the question on both the Ticket Holder order form and the Ticket Buyer order form:


  • If you add custom fields in your order form, they should also appear in the mapping. Just refresh if it doesn't show.

  • If you're adding the Disclaimer responses to the mapping, select any HubSpot Property that is most applicable (e.g., Membership Notes)

Setting Up a Workflow in HubSpot

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account and go to Settings > Data Management > Properties

  2. Click Create Property

  3. Create 2 contact properties. One for Ticket Type and one for Event API Key

    1. Ticket Type

      • Object type: Contact

      • Group: Contact Information

      • Label: Ticket Type

      • Internal name (click the </>): ticket_type

      • Field Type: Number

      • Format: Unformatted Number

      • Check Show in forms

    2. Event API Key

      • Object type: Contact

      • Group: Contact Information

      • Label: Event API Key

      • Internal name (click the </>): event_api_key

      • Field Type: Single-line text

      • Do not check Show in forms

  4. Go to Automation > Workflows, then click Create workflow

  5. Fill out the details of your workflow

    • Enter your workflow name

    • Select Start from scratch

    • Click Contact-based

    • Click Next

  6. Set up a trigger for Ticket Type

    • Click Set up triggers

    • Select Contact properties

    • Search for Ticket Type

    • Choose is known from the filter

    • Click Apply Filter

  7. Set up a trigger for Event API Key

    • Click AND

    • Select Contact properties

    • Search for Event API Key

    • Choose is known from the filter

    • Click Apply Filter

    • Click Save

  8. Click the + button and search for Send a Webhook and select it.

    Note: You may need an Operations Hub Professional Plan in Hubspot to make this work. If you see a lock icon beside Send a webhook that means the feature is not available for your current plan.

  9. Paste the HubSpot to Accelevents Public URL you copied earlier, then click Save.

  10. Click Review and Publish

  11. Choose whether to enroll contacts after turning on the workflow or include existing contacts. Turn on the workflow.

With that, you've completed setting up the importing of registrations from HubSpot to Accelevents!

Testing the Importing of Registration from HubSpot to Accelevents

The first step is to get your Ticket Type Id and your Event API Key in Accelevents.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Enable Tray Integration

  • Click on Configure, then select the Ticket Type. This may take some time to load. If it does not load, move to another tab, then go back to the Integrations tab.

  • Copy both keys generated in the Tray Configuration Menu

    • Event API Key is the one on top

    • Ticket Type Id is the one below

Import New Contacts from HubSpot to Accelevents

  1. Add the Ticket Type and Event API Key fields to the form in HubSpot

    • Click Settings (gear icon)

    • Click Objects > Contacts

    • Click Customize the 'Create contact' form

    • Look for the Ticket Type and Event API Key fields, then check them to add them to the form.

    • Click Save

  2. Create a contact

    • Click Contacts

    • Click Create Contact

    • Fill out the contact information. Make sure you complete these required fields:

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Email

      • Ticket Type

      • Event API Key

    • Click Create Contact

    • Your attendee should show in Attendees > Orders in your Accelevents admin console.

Import Existing Contacts from HubSpot to Accelevents

  1. Search for the contact record

    • Open contact details that you want to import to Accelevents

    • Click Actions > View all properties

  2. Enter the Event API Key

    • Search for Event API Key property

    • Click the edit icon, then paste the event API key you copied from Accelevents.

    • Click Save

  3. Enter the Ticket Type Id

    • Search for the Ticket Type Property

    • Click the edit icon, then paste the ticket type Id you copied from Accelevents.

    • Click Save

  4. Go to your Accelevents admin console to check if the attendee has been added

    • Go to Attendees > Orders

    • Search for the attendee

Note: This process allows you to export attendees from Accelevents to HubSpot. When an attendee signs up on your event page, they will be added to the Contacts list in HubSpot.

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