1. If you haven't already done so, be sure to follow the steps found in this Help Center article to set up the HubSpot integration in your Accelevents account.

  2. Login to the same HubSpot account that you used to set up the integration in step 1. Click on Contacts, then in the dropdown select Lists. Here you will see all of the contact lists associated with your account.

  3. When an attendee purchases a ticket for the first time post-integration setup, two lists will automatically be created in your HubSpot account. The lists will be named "eventURL-Registered" and "eventURL-RegisteredNotAttended". For example, if my event URL is, my two lists will be automatically named "demovirtualevent-Registered" and "demovirtualevent-RegisteredNotAttended".

Notes: Once both lists are created for any given event, any new ticket purchaser will be automatically added to both lists. Once the attendee enters the Virtual Event Hub, they will be automatically removed from the "RegisteredNotAttended" list, while remaining in the "Registered" list. If the attendee's order is deleted or refunded, they will be removed from both lists.

4. Click on a list to show the full contents of that contact list.

5. Once the list is open, you will be able to click into any attendee's contact record to view their information. You can also edit various aspects of the list, including manually removing or editing anyone's account, by clicking the checkbox icon to the left of their name. You can now use your lists to trigger marketing workflows, sequences, and much more.

For more information on how to manage lists, refer to HubSpot's Knowledge Base.

If you set up your HubSpot Integration as a Marketing Event rather than a Static List, click here.

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