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Attendee Event Activity Logs in HubSpot

Track what your attendees are doing in your event through HubSpot!

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With the Accelevents-HubSpot integration, you can track what your attendees do in the event through the contact activity tab.

These are the attendee activities that you can track:

  • Register for the event

  • Register for a session

  • Check in to the event

  • Enter a session

  • Watch the replay of the session

  • Post a question in the Q&A section

  • Respond to a poll

  • Respond to a survey

  • Visit an expo booth

  • Download a file from the booth

  • Click the CTA button in the booth

  • Chat in the booth

Contact Activity Log Events

To see this information in HubSpot, open the attendee's contact record, then click Activities from the timeline area. Remove the filters to see all the activities.

To see more information about the activity, click it to expand.

Registration Activity Log

When you open the registration activity log, you'll see details about their order, including the ticket name, amount paid for the ticket, discount amount, discount code used, payment type, and more.

Note: The magic link in the activity log is coming soon, for now, you can include the magic link in the mapping to show in the contact record.

You can create reports or workflows based on these data. Just choose Accelevents in the Integration Filters.

Responded to a Survey Activity Log

Expanding the Responded to a Survey activity log will show you the survey name, link, questions, and answers. This captures all survey question types.

Note: If you're creating survey reports, you can only filter which attendees answered the survey. For now, there is no option to filter by question.

Disable Activity Logs

These activities are tracked in HubSpot by default. However, if you don't want this information tracked, you can turn it off in the admin console through the Settings > Integrations > HubSpot Configure button.

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