1. If you haven't already done so, be sure to follow the steps found in this Help Center article to set up the HubSpot integration in your Accelevents account.

  2. Login with the HubSpot account you used to configure the integration in step 1 and click on Contacts . Then click on Contacts in the dropdown and you will find the Marketing Events option.

  3. After clicking on Marketing Events, you will see your full list of marketing events.

  4. When an attendee purchases a ticket, it will create a Marketing Event if one doesn't already exist for that event. The Marketing Event name will automatically be titled after the name of your event. If my event's name in Accelevents was "Demo Virtual Event", the Marketing Event would be labeled "Demo Virtual Event" as well.

  5. When a user registers for a ticket, their contact is automatically added to the marketing event, which will increase the number of "REGISTRATIONS" for that event.

  6. When a registered user enters the Accelevents Virtual Event Hub ("Checks In" to the event) that contact will be automatically added to your marketing event, increasing the number of "ATTENDEES".

  7. If a user's event registration is deleted or refunded in Accelevents, that will be reflected in the marketing event and increase the number of "CANCELLATIONS".

If you set up your HubSpot Integration as a Static List rather than a Marketing Event, click here.

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