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Managing your Accelevents Data in HubSpot: Marketing Event
Managing your Accelevents Data in HubSpot: Marketing Event

If you've set up your HubSpot integration using the Marketing Event option, this article covers how to find and manage your marketing event!

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Data Management in HubSpot

After integrating your HubSpot account with Accelevents, your attendees should be automatically added to your HubSpot account. In this article, you'll learn the default contact creation rules, where to find those attendees in HubSpot if you configured your integration to a Marketing Event, and see other information about what activities the attendee has done, such as registering for the event, checking in to the event, registering for a session, visiting a booth, responding to polls and posting a question in the event.

If you set up your HubSpot Integration as a Static List rather than a Marketing Event, click here.

If you still need to integrate, follow the steps in this article to set up the Integration to Export Event Data from Accelevents Into HubSpot.

Default Contact Creation and Updating Rules

What's great about HubSpot is it does not allow you to create duplicate contacts based on the email address. To know whether a new contact will be created or an existing one will be updated, check the rules to know what happens when an attendee is imported to HubSpot.

Locate Attendees in HubSpot - Marketing Event

If you chose to send your contacts to Marketing Event in HubSpot during the integration, here's how to access those contacts in HubSpot:

  • Log in to HubSpot

  • Click Contacts from the top main menu

  • Select Contacts from the dropdown

  • Click the dropdown from Contacts below the main menu

  • Select Marketing Events

After clicking Marketing Events, you will see your complete list of marketing events. When a registrant purchases a ticket post-integration, it will create a Marketing Event if one doesn't already exist for that event.

The Marketing Event name will automatically be titled after the name of your event. If your event name in Accelevents is "Demo Virtual Event," the Marketing Event would be labeled "Demo Virtual Event" as well.

Registration Status

Registrations - When a ticker is purchased, the registrant's contact record will be counted in the number of "REGISTRATIONS" for that event.

Checked In - When the registrant enters the event, that registrant's contact record will be counted in the number of "ATTENDEES." This will not remove the contact record from the total registrations. To get an accurate count of registrants who have not checked in, subtract the total attendees from registrations.

Canceled - If the registration is deleted or refunded in Accelevents, that registrant's contact record will be counted as "CANCELLATIONS." If the email address in the order is changed to a different one, then the old attendee will also be counted in cancellations. This will not remove the contact record from the total registrations. To get an accurate count of registrations, subtract the total cancellations from registrations.

In the example below, the event has 4 registrations; 1 has entered the event, and 1 has canceled. This means we're only waiting for 2 more attendees to check-in.

Note: The count may not be accurate if you allow attendees to buy multiple tickets under the same email address, as an attendee with multiple tickets will only count as 1 since the registration is under 1 email address.

3. Click the event to see the list of attendees added to HubSpot

Click the event name, then click the number under registered to see the attendees' email addresses. Then, click the email address to open their contact record.

You can click on any attendee's contact record to view their information. You should see that information in their record if you added mapping during the integration, such as phone number, company name, job title, etc. If you do not see the mapped fields, click Actions > View All Properties.

In the search field, type the property name. You can click Add to your view to see the field when quickly viewing a contact.

You can also check the activity tab in the timeline area to see your attendees' actions in the event.


  • If any changes are made to the contact record in HubSpot, the order in Accelevents will not be updated. However, if changes are made in the order in Accelevents, the data in HubSpot will be updated.

  • If the registrant buys another ticket using the same email address, the existing contact record in HubSpot will be updated.

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