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Including Vaccination Cards in Your Order Form

Upload a vaccination card image - jpeg, png or gif file under 2MB

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In-person events now may require attendees' vaccine verification. With Accelevents, you can ask for a copy of their vaccination cards while they are registering for your event. Allowing your attendees to give that information in advance will make your check-in line move faster.

Including Vaccination Cards in the Order Form

To include the option to upload the vaccination card copy to the order form, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Registration > Order Form

  • Enable Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information

  • Click Ticket Holder

  • Enable the field for Please Upload a Photo of your Completed COVID-19 Vaccination Card

  • When someone buys a ticket from your event page and enters the ticket holder information, they will also be asked to take a picture or upload their vaccination card. They can upload up to 2MB (jpeg, png, or gif).

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