The Command Center

The Command Center gives an overview of your sessions while your event is live.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is still in BETA. We’re excited to release this functionality in our public beta. During this phase, we are collecting feedback and working to deliver the perfect command center functionality.

To help you monitor your live event, we've developed the Command Center. It is the center of operations when the event is live and you can keep track of all your sessions. From here you'll know if your live sessions are broadcasting or if there is a delay. There is no need to have many tabs open, you can see all of your sessions in the Command Center!

Accessing the Command Center

To access the Command Center, click View Site from your admin console then select View Command Center.


The Command Center gives an overview of all of your sessions.

There are 5 tabs where you can view the session per status:

  • All Sessions - all event sessions

  • Live - the session's schedule has started and it is already broadcasting

  • Upcoming - the session's scheduled to start in the future

  • Delayed - the session's schedule has started but it is not yet broadcasting or has stopped broadcasting

  • Ended - the session has stopped broadcasting

When a session is clicked, you will be taken to its stage and you'll be able to watch its broadcast. Below the broadcast is information on the number of attendees watching the session, number of attendees that have registered for the session or bookmarked the session, and the duration left before the session ends.

Join Studio button - will lead you to the session's studio once clicked

Attendee Engagement - provides engagement information within a session

  • Chat tab - will show session chat log

  • Attendees tab - will show list of attendees for the session

Command Center Notifications

On the right side of the Command Center, there is a Notifications tab that will show updates on sessions that are broadcasting from the Accelevents Studio. It will show the name of the session and the following actions:

  • Speaker or moderator joined the Studio

  • Live broadcast started

  • Speaker or moderator left the Studio

  • Live broadcast ended

Admin/DES Chat

The Admin and DES (Dedicated Event Support) Chat is a chat room you can use to privately communicate with your other event admins. If you have availed of our Dedicated Event Support service, your Accelevents representative can also log in to your command center and access the DES chat. This way you don't need to move tabs when communicating with the Accelevents team.


On the lower right portion of the Command Center, it will show the event's engagement data.

Online attendees - number of attendees inside the event

Registered attendees - number of attendees that have registered for the event

Absent - number of attendees registered but are not present in the event

Creating a Session and Assigning a Speaker

A new session can be created by clicking + Create Session. It will open a new tab and will direct you to the admin console with the Session Menu details open for you to input the details of the new session.

A speaker can be assigned for sessions with no speakers. Click on Assign and a menu on the right will appear. You can select a speaker to assign then click Add Speaker. Once the speaker is added, they will receive the speaker invite with the session details.

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