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The Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Menu
The Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Menu

Learn how to add a custom tab in your virtual event's navigation menu.

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Creating a Custom Tab in the Virtual Event Hub Navigation would be useful if you need an additional area to put information or highlight content within your event. Attendees can easily see and access the tab once they enter the event.


  • This feature is not available for Starter Plan

  • The Navigation Custom Menu will appear in the virtual event hub when accessed through a browser, it will not show in the Attendee App.

Add a Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Menu

  • Go to Event Design > Event Hub of your admin console

  • Select Navigation

  • Click + Add Navigation Menu

  • Add the Name of the Menu and its Content

  • Click Add Menu.

  • To edit or delete the custom menu, click the 3-dot menu next to its name.

Navigation Custom Menu Content

You can use it for almost anything. You can add text, images, videos, media players, social media pages, games, etc. By embedding a code, you can easily add widgets from other sites.

Navigation Custom Menu in the Virtual Event Hub

On the left side panel, you'll see the name of the custom menu you created. When clicked, the content will appear in the middle. In this example, the navigation custom menu has an embedded video and a chess game. Not that this is only visible through a browser and not the Attendee App.

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