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How are Raffle Winners Notified and Selected?
How are Raffle Winners Notified and Selected?
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The system will randomly select a winner for each item when the raffle ends. Winners will be notified via email and text message.

Raffle Winner Selection and Notification

Here's a sample email they will receive:

Here is the message that winners will receive:
"CONGRATULATIONS. You have won item [item_short_name] ([item_code]). Please claim it at the raffle table by showing a staff member this message."

We can modify the text message if you are hosting an online event. Just send us a message in the chat and let us know what should be in your text message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose who the winner would be for a specific raffle item?

  • No, the system randomly assigns the winner however, we can turn off the raffle winner notification for you; this way, you can be the one to choose your winners manually.

Where can I find the raffle winners?

  • From your admin console> Raffle> Buyers and Winners > Winners tab

Can I edit the text message or email winners receive?

Can I turn off the message or notification winners will receive?

How do I arrange to send the items to the winners?

  • You will have to arrange that externally, there is no option to arrange that from within Accelevents.

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