At a time specified by the host in the Admin Console, the system will randomly select a winner for each item. That winner will be notified via text message and instructed to find a staff member or volunteer to collect their prize.

Here is the message that winners will receive:
"CONGRATULATIONS. You have won item [item_short_name] ([item_code]). Please claim it at the raffle table by showing a staff member this message."

If you are hosting an online event where there will not be a staff table or need a modification for this message for any reason just send us a message in the chat so that we can make the modification for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose who the winner would be for a specific raffle item?

  • No, the system randomly assigns the winner however we can turn off the raffle winner notification for you, this way you can be the one to choose your winners manually.

Where can I find the raffle winners?

  • From your admin console> Raffle> Buyers and Winners > Winners tab

Can I edit the message or notification winners will receive?

Can I turn off the message or notification winners will receive?

How do I arrange to send the items to the winners?

  • You will have to arrange that externally, there is no option to arrange that from within Accelevents.

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