Users can pay for their raffle tickets for your event in three ways:

Through Text Using a Credit Card

With our integrated payment system, participants will receive a text with a custom link for their phone number. This link will bring participants to a secure URL, where they can select the number of tickets they would like to buy and can enter their credit card information. Once payment is submitted, the system will automatically issue tickets to the participant.

Please note that the text option will only work for certain countries (including US and Canada). Please check with us if this will work in your country.

Online Using a Credit Card

On the raffle event website, participants would be asked to enter their credit card information after selecting the desired amount of raffle tickets. This information will only need to be entered for the first ticket purchase. They will then receive a confirmation email regarding their purchased raffle tickets.

Through the Staff Portal in Cash or Credit

For cash payments, participants simply find an event staff member or volunteer to submit payment. Once payment has been received, the staff member or volunteer will issue digital tickets to the participant.

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