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White Label Attendee App Requirements
White Label Attendee App Requirements

Requirements an Attendee App that has your branding

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What We'll Need

If you're under the White Label Plan and have also purchased a mobile event app with white labeling as an add-on, you'll need to submit a few basic things so we can start building your app.

Basic Requirements

  1. App Name: Provide a name for your app.

  2. App Icon (512px x 512px): Provide a 512px x 512px app icon, which will be used as the icon for your app.

  3. Banner Image (1024px × 1024px): Provide a banner image for your app store listing with dimensions of 1024px × 1024px.

If you want to use your own Developer Account, please provide the following requirements:

  1. Apple Developer Account: Provide access to your Apple Developer Account or provide the necessary certificates and provisioning profiles.

  2. Google Play Developer Account: Provide access to your Google Play Developer Account for Android apps.

  3. Firebase Cloud Messaging Setup/Account Access: Set up Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications or provide access to your existing Firebase account.

Note: The development process up until submission to Apple or Google may take up to 15 business days. Approval from the respective app store can range from 24 to 72 hours.

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