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Limit Attendees to One Ticket Per Event

Restrict attendees to register only once with the same email address

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Limiting attendees to one ticket per event is now available on Accelevents. If an event has limited capacity, limiting attendees to one ticket per event would be ideal. Another benefit is that you can ensure that attendees cannot accidentally buy multiple tickets under their names, making your analytics accurate without duplicates.

Note: For recurring events, this feature will allow them to buy 1 ticket per event, not per day. We are working on improving this feature. Stay tuned!

Restrict Attendees to Register Only Once With the Same Email Address

  • Go to Registration > Order Form in your admin console

  • Turn on the toggle for Each Ticket Holder Must Have a Unique Email Address

What Happens When This Feature Is Enabled?

An existing ticket holder can no longer register for another ticket for the same event. If they attempt to buy, they will get this error message:

Buyers can no longer enter the same email address for multiple ticket holders in the same transaction. If they attempt to buy, they will get this error message:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ticket buyer and ticket holder have the same email address?

  • Yes, as long as the email address is used for one ticket holder.

Can the ticket buyer use their email address multiple times as a buyer?

  • Yes, an email address can be used multiple times as a ticket buyer.

What happens if someone buys a ticket and an add-on?

  • It will allow them to buy a ticket and an add-on with the same email address, given that this is their first and only ticket to the event.

What happens if someone buys different ticket types?

  • An email address can only be used for one ticket holder, so different email addresses must be used even for different ticket types.

What if the buyer doesn't know the email addresses of the other ticket holders?

  • The ticket buyer can't complete the purchase without the email addresses of the other ticket holders, so they will have to add an email address. But stay tuned; we're developing a feature where you can leave that information blank.

Can they go into their account and change the holder's email address to be the same?

  • They can go to their account, but it will not push through if they attempt to change it.

Will this also work in the admin console? Staff portal? Admin App?

  • Yes, the platform recognizes that the email address has been used and that there is an existing ticket for the event.

Will this feature work for single-ticket orders and multiple-ticket orders?

  • Yes

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