Create and Apply Discount Codes for Event Ticketing

Learn how to use our discount code feature for your next event

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Apply a Discount Code at the End of the Checkout Process

Discount codes are a great way to promote your event or offer exclusivity to your VIPs. Check out our instructions below to learn how to use discount codes in the Accelevents platform.

Create a Discount Code

  • Go to Registrations > Discount & Access Codes in your admin console.

  • Click + Create New Code

  • Select Discount Code

  • Select the ticket types and add-ons to which the code applies. Click Next.

  • Name your Discount Code (must be one word, no spaces, no special characters)

  • Choose whether to give an exact amount discount or a percentage discount.

  • In Uses, select how many times the code can be used in the event

  • In Uses Per User, select how many times an individual buyer can use the code (based on email address)

  • In Applicable to, select whether the discount will apply per ticket or order (donation not included)

  • Select the dates and times for which you would like the code to apply

  • Click Create

You can now share your discount codes with your selected guests, and they can enter the code in the last part of the registration when they enter their payment information. They must enter the code in the Discount Code field and click Apply.

In the Orders tab, you can see if a discount code was used to purchase the ticket. The Registration Data report should also have a column for discount codes.


  • If Uses is limited to 1, and it's applied, but the transaction did not go through, the discount code cannot be used again until the ticket reservation expires. (default is 10 minutes).

  • If Uses Per User is limited to 1, that code can only be used once per ticket buyer email address. If they have already purchased using the discount code and try to enter the code again, it will allow them to apply it, but at the end of checkout, they will get an error message that it has reached its maximum limit. The transaction will not go through with the code.

Give Discount Code Links

The Discount Code Link automatically applies the code, so users won't need to type it in. To get the link:

  • Click the 3 dot menu on the code while in the Discount Code tab

  • Click Copy Link

Upload Discount Codes

If you have a list of discount codes, you can upload them through a CSV file instead of adding them individually. Add all the codes in 1 column, 1 code in each row with Coupon Code as the column label.

Guideline to "Uses" and "User Per User"

A discount code is considered to be used if applied upon checkout and the transaction goes through. If the buyer abandons the checkout process and has already applied the discount code, that code will be available again when the ticket reservation time expires (default is 10 minutes)


This is the number of times the code can be used to purchase tickets.

If set to Unlimited, anyone can use the code multiple times.

If set to Limited, anyone can use the code multiple times until the use capacity is reached.

Uses Per User

This is the number of times the code can be used by an individual buyer (based on email address) to purchase tickets.

If set to Unlimited, the buyer with the same email address can use the code multiple times to purchase tickets.

If set to Limited (e.g., 1), the buyer with the same email address can use the code only once.



I want to offer a discount to the first 100 buyers, and it doesn't matter if they buy multiple times.

I want to offer a discount to everyone, but they can only use it the first time they purchase.

Guideline to "Per Ticket" or "Per Order"

If you have an exact discount amount (instead of a percentage), you can choose whether to apply the discount to all tickets in the order or apply the discount once to the whole order.

$50 discount PER TICKET

$50 discount PER ORDER

If you have a percentage discount, you can choose any of the two options, and in the end, the discount will apply to all tickets in the order.

3rd Party Validation

The 3rd Party Validation feature allows you to give a special group of contacts in HubSpot an automatic discount. Instead of making them type in a discount code, the system will check if they are a part of that special group and automatically give them the discount if they are. To make this work, you'll need HubSpot integrated with Accelevents. Validation must be set up in Accelevents and HubSpot to give the discount, such as if the ticket holder's email address is in your HubSpot account and if there is a value in their contact record that identifies them as part of the special group.

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