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Automatic Discount Application via HubSpot Integration
Automatic Discount Application via HubSpot Integration

This feature will allow specific registrants to automatically get a discount without entering a discount code.

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HubSpot Discount Feature

Imagine you have a special group of contacts in HubSpot and want to offer them a discount when they sign up for your event. Instead of making them type in a discount code, the system will check if they are a part of that special group and automatically give them the discount if they are. To make this work, a validation must be set up in Accelevents and HubSpot to give the discount, like if the ticket holder's email address is in your HubSpot account and if there is a value in their contact record that identifies them as part of the special group.

To make this work, you must integrate HubSpot with Accelevents and proceed with the next steps.

Create the Discount Code

Even though you're not giving the discount code to the registrant, you still need to create this to apply it upon checkout automatically.

  • Go to Registrations > Discount & Access Codes

  • Click Create New Code

  • Select Discount Code

  • Enter all the discount code details and settings. Click here for more information.

Note: Ensure you choose "Per Ticket" under applicable to, so the discount will apply only to the ticket holders who qualify.

Enable the Validation

In the discount code settings, select the 3rd Party Validation checkbox. The 3rd Party Validation is the setting that will determine the criteria to give registrants the automatic discount. Once selected, these 3 fields will appear:

  • Select Integration - this will default to HubSpot

  • Select Field - this is the contact field that will have the information that qualifies the registrant to have a discount

  • Enter Required Value - this value should be in the contact field above for the registrant to have a discount

In the example above, we have a custom Member field in the contact object in HubSpot. If the value in that contact's member field is "Yes," they will get a discount. They will not get a discount if it's a no, blank, or other values.

Test if it Works

Prepare a sample qualified contact in your HubSpot account and register for the event. The contact's email address should be added to the holder's email address field in the registration to make this work. If the email address is only in the ticket buyer's information, then the discount won't apply.

This will work for registrations through the event landing page, staff portal, manually added attendees in the admin console, and invoice (pay later) transactions. It will not work for uploaded attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the qualified contact buys another ticket?

  • They can still buy another ticket with an automatic discount if you set the code as "unlimited" use per user.

  • To ensure that they only use the code once, change the settings to "limited" and indicate the number of times they can use it.

  • They will get an error message if they try to enter the code manually when it's no longer applicable.

Will the automatic discount work if the ticket holder's name differs from the contact?

  • Yes. It's the contact's email address used for the validation.

Will the discount apply if the contact's email address is added only to the ticket holder's information?

  • No, it will only work if the contact's email address is added to the buyer's information.

Which discount code will apply If there are 2 discount codes for 1 ticket type?

  • The first discount code created will apply. To avoid confusion, assign only 1 discount code with validation for each ticket type.

Can the discount be applied to all tickets in the order or only 1?

  • This will depend on your discount code settings. We suggest selecting "Per Ticket" instead of "Per Order" so that the discount will apply accurately to qualified ticket holders.

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