Discount codes are a great way to promote your event, or to offer exclusivity to your VIPs. Check out our instructions below to learn how you can use discount codes in the Accelevents platform.

  1. Login to your console and click Manage Event --> Event Registration Settings:

2. Click on the Coupon Code tab, and then click Create New Code:

3. Choose discount code, then choose if you'd like your discount code to apply to all tickets at your event, or if you would like to specify which tickets the code will apply for:

4. Specify your discount code name, amount ($ or %), number of uses, and start and end date. Click Continue:

You're all set! Now, your users can enter the discount code upon ticket purchase.

Key & Guidelines to Discount Code

Uses: how many total times can a code be used

Uses per user: how many times can an individual buyer use the code (based on email address)

Applicable to: means that it could be $10 off the entire order (if multiple tickets in the order) or $10 each ticket (if there are multiple tickets in the order)

Scenario 1:

I wanted to create a ticket code for 6 tickets, and I don't care who purchases the tickets or how many different people purchase the tickets.
Example: 3 different people can use the code as long as no more than 6 tickets total are redeemed using that single code. Another way of asking is that I only want that single code to be used no more than 6 times total.

For this scenario you would want to use the following settings:

  • Uses: 6
  • Uses per user: Unlimited
  • Applicable to: Per Ticket

Scenario 2:

 I don't want the same person with the same email address to be able to use it more than once. Example: I have 100 members and I want to create a code that can only be used once per person.

For this scenario you would want to use the following settings:

  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Uses per user: 1
  • Applicable to: ‌Per Ticket
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