Hide the Countdown Timer on the Registration Page

Add a code to your page to hide the ticket reservation countdown

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The countdown timer appears after the registrant selects their ticket during registration. This is the allotted time until the ticket reservation expires. When the timer expires, the registrant will get a pop-up alert to restart the registration. The timer is set to 10 minutes, which can be extended to 1 hour by request. Additionally, if the countdown timer is unnecessary for your event, you can hide it.

Important Note:

Since this only hides the countdown timer, this feature is not completely disabled. Registrants will still get a pop-up alert when the time runs out. You can ask us to increase the time to a maximum of 1 hour so that it will only show for those who stayed on the registration process for an hour.

Hide the Countdown Timer on the Registration Page

  • Go to Settings > Integration in your admin console

  • Click Add Custom Script for Landing Page

  • Paste the code below to the Header Script section

  • Click Save

Code for Header Script

(function () {
function hideParentNodes() {
const checkoutPage = document.querySelector('.ticket-checkout-complete-btn');
const element = document.getElementsByClassName('ticket-checkout-top')

element[0].parentNode.style.display = 'none';
var intervalId = setInterval(hideParentNodes, 1000);

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