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Managing Add-Ons in Salesforce

Have add on information show in the attendee's record in Salesforce

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Mapping Add-On Order Information

If you sell add-ons, you can include the add-on information in the attendee's contact or lead record in Salesforce by mapping these fields.

Enable the Add On Settings

To ensure that add-on information appears in Salesforce, you must have the following enable these toggles in Registration > Order Form:

  • Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information

  • Each Add-On

When Each Add-on is enabled, during registration, the buyer will be asked to assign which add-on belongs to which attendee.

Note: Turning on Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information is not required. However, if you don't turn it on and the ticket buyer assigns the add-on to a different existing ticket holder (not the buyer), the add-on information will not map to that existing ticket holder.

Map Add On Fields

In the Contact Field Mapping menu, you should be able to select these auto-generated Add On Accelevents fields. You need to map these to TEXT fields in Salesforce.

Accelevents Fields


Add On Ticket ID

This is the add on item (ticket) number in Accelevents.

Add On Ticket Type

This is the add on name in Accelevents.

Add On Order ID

This is the order number in Accelevents.

Add On Paid Amount

This is the paid amount for the add on item in Accelevents.

Add On Updating Behavior

When someone registers for an event and buys an add-on, the add-on information will show in their Salesforce record.

If the same registrant buys another add-on in a new transaction, the old and new add-on data will appear in their Salesforce record as comma-separated information. The same behavior applies if multiple add-ons are assigned to one attendee in one order.

Create a Separate Record for Add Ons

You can enable these toggles in the Salesforce Configure menu for a separate Salesforce record for the add-ons. This will create records for the ticket and add on purchases.

  • Create a new contact or lead for every ticket holder

  • Create a new contact/lead for add-on purchases

If you have separate records, the add-on mapping will not work. However, if you have the other order information mapped, it should appear.

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