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Sell Exhibitor Booths Using the Venue Designer
Sell Exhibitor Booths Using the Venue Designer

Use the Booth Tool when creating your venue design to sell exhibitor booths

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Include Booths in Your Venue Design

Optimize your exhibitor booth assignments with our user-friendly Venue Designer tool. This robust feature lets you craft a precise map of your venue using drag-and-drop functionality for easy visualization and arrangement of exhibitor spaces. After mapping out your venue, assign specific booth sizes to various exhibitor ticket or registration types. These options are then displayed during the registration process and can be made exclusively available for purchase to exhibitors who enter a valid access code.

In this article on Building a Venue & Seating Chart, we discussed selling seats for attendees. You will follow almost all the same steps to sell exhibitor booths, but instead of using the tables and rows tool to add seats (step 4), you'll use the Booth tool.

After enabling the assigned seating for the exhibitor's ticket type, open the Venue Designer to add exhibitor booths to your event layout design.


  • For this particular setup, the ticket type should be an individual ticket, not a bundle, as the Booth tool only allows one ticket purchase per booth. If you need to sell a bundle for booths, you can use the Table Tool instead.

  • An exhibitor booth will not be created in the event after a booth is purchased; this feature simply sells tickets; you will have to create the booth and give exhibitors access.

Add Booths to the Design

To add booths, click the Booth tool from the left-hand toolbar. Hover over the area where you want to add the booth, then click to drop it in place. Repeat dropping booths until you have enough to match the number of exhibitor booth tickets.

Assign the Ticket Type to Booths

Use the Select tool, then highlight all the booths. The booth settings should appear on the right side. To assign tickets, select the ticket type in the Category dropdown.

Add Booth Numbering

Each booth must be assigned a number or letter. This will allow exhibitors to easily locate their booth when they get to the venue to set up. Ensure that the number or letter matches what they see in their registration and the venue.

The label can be seen on the registration page by hovering on the booth.

Publish the Design

To see if you have everything you need to ensure that exhibitors can buy booths, unselect the booths to load the Seating Chart checklist on the right side. Here, you'll see that everything is checked and good to go. If some items are still not done, click them to check the settings. When you're done designing, click Publish.

Add an Access Code

This is an optional step. You can create an access code and give it to potential exhibitors. They must enter the code after selecting the booth. This is to avoid any confusion from attendees when buying their seats.

View the Booth Number in the Order

The booth number should be indicated in the PDF Ticket they receive through the order confirmation email.

If you want to check as an admin, go to the Orders tab in your admin console and open the holder information to see the booth number assigned to the exhibitor.

Use the Table Tool to Sell Bundle Tickets for Exhibitors

You can sell a booth and package it with tickets for the booth staff. Instead of using the Booth tool, use the Table tool. In the example below, we added an image behind the table to make it look more like a booth. Then, all the seats are moved to the bottom to look like wheels.

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