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Add On Information in Badges
Add On Information in Badges

Show the add on that the attendee bought in the badge, customize the label text and colors.

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The Add On widget in the badge designer allows you to include the attendee's add-on information in the badge, customize the text content that appears, and print in different colors depending on which add-on the attendee purchased.

For example, during registration, the attendee buys an add-on named "Summit Access Day 1." Instead of showing the full name of the add-on on the badge, you can customize the text and just show "Summit Access" and differentiate their access by assigning different colors for each day of the event. This way, your staff can easily identify from afar whether attendees have access for day 1, day 2, or the whole event.

Important Notes:

  • This is ideal for events where attendees can only select 1 add on. If an attendee purchases multiple add-ons, all the information will appear in 1 line separated by a comma, and the color will be the color of the first add-ons.

  • You can only print in color if you have PrintNode configured.

  • Ensure that in your order form settings, the toggle to Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information is turned on.

Customize the Add On Appearance

  • Open the badge design to edit

  • Click Widgets

  • Click Add On

  • Select the add on object from the template

  • Click Customize Fields

  • Add the custom label and colors

  • You can also hide the field depending on the answer

  • Click Save

That's it! Test it by registering 2 attendees with different add-ons, then print the badges.

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