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Tips & Tricks for Badge Design
Tips & Tricks for Badge Design

Show name initials instead of the whole name, show text in only 1 row, add dynamic colors, show add-on information, and more.

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Adjust Your Badge Design

Check out these tips and tricks if you're having trouble making your badge design look good when printed. You'll learn to show name initials instead of the whole name, show long text in only 1 row, add dynamic colors, show add-on information to the badge, and more.

Add Frames

The profile picture will print in black for thermal printers, not grayscale, so some images may not be recognizable. Zebra printers are not incredibly precise, so if you're adding frames to encase a widget, give it a little padding so it doesn't overlap. (e.g., adding a box frame around the QR code)

Show Name Initial Only

If you do not want to show your attendees' full names, there is a setting under the Full Name widget to show only the last name initials.

Truncate Texts

If the text has many characters and not all can fit in 1 line, the default setting is that it will reduce the text size to fit all the characters. If you don't want to reduce the size, you can truncate the text. Click the gear icon at the top, then choose Truncate. This will apply to all text content in the badge.

Show Text Widgets in 2 Lines

If you don't like the options above (reduce font size or truncate), your next option is to show the text in two lines. If the event name is long and you need to show the full name but don't want to decrease the text size, you can show the full name in two lines by clicking shift + enter in the field.

In the example below, the text size is 32px. By default, the text will auto-size to show the text in 1 line when you preview or print. But if you show it in 2 lines, it will retain the 32px text size.

Show Text Widgets in 1 Line

If the form field answer appears in 2 lines when you print it, even after you've selected the option to reduce the font size in the printing configuration settings, you may need to rename the widget to something shorter so that it shows up only in 1 line in the template.

If your text widget's field name is long, it shows up in 2 lines in the design, and this causes the form field answer to also print in 2 lines. To fix this, just rename the widget in the template to a shorter name to occupy only 1 line.

Hide Other Address Fields

If you're including the attendee's billing address in the badge, you can select which parts of the address you want to show. Just unselect the ones you want to hide.

Add Dynamic Colors and Text

If you've added a dropdown custom field to your badge, you'll see an option to customize the field. This will allow you to change the label and color on the badge depending on the registration answers.

Show Add On Information

The Add On widget in the badge designer allows you to include the attendee's add-on information in the badge. Click Customize Field to change the labels and colors for each add on.

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