Our tracking link feature for event ticketing lets you use trackable links when selling your tickets. You can use different links for different channels or assign different links to different team members to see which channel or team member sells the most tickets. You can even give tracking links to your affiliates!

Creating a Tracking Link

  • In your admin console, go to Registration > Tracking Links

  • Click Create New Link

  • Enter the name you would like to use for your tracking link, and click Create

Include your new tracking link in an email, on your website, on your social media channels, or send to a team member to be able to track the number of tickets and dollars generated by that channel!

When someone visits or buys a ticket using your tracking link, you will be able to see those numbers in your Tracking Link tab.

Note: The number of visits is the total number of how many times the page has been visited (not unique visits).

Adding UTM Codes to Your Tracking Links

If you want to go further into segmenting the tracking links, you can add more parameters by adding UTM codes to your tracking links.

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. A UTM code is a portion of text added to the end of the URL that enables you to track visits to that URL. This is useful when you’re testing what promotion methods work best and to track the performance of certain content pieces.

For example, you create a tracking link that will be sent through Facebook, but you'll be posting several times with different contents (video, contest, blog etc.). So instead of creating several tracking links to track those different contents, you can customize a UTM code for each post that goes out so that you can track the traffic as a whole and segmented.

These are the other types of UTM parameters you can create:

  • Campaign

  • Source

  • Medium

  • Term

  • Content

It would look something like this:

Create a UTM Code

You don’t need to be a coding wizard to create a UTM code. The Google UTM generator syncs nicely with Google Analytics. Just enter the needed information, and Google spits out a ready-to-use URL.

  • Access the Google UTM generator page

  • Paste in your tracking link in the Website URL field

  • Fill out the rest of the fields

  • Copy the generated URL with UTM codes at the bottom

To see where this information is stored after someone purchases a ticket, you need to download your All Ticket Buyer Report and look for the UTM columns.

  • In your admin console, go to Analytics

  • Click Download

  • Select Ticket Buyer Data

Sample report:

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