Are you or your guests having trouble purchasing tickets or completing registration for an event? If so, try some of the steps below before trying again:

Have You Entered All Required Information?

Depending on the event that you are registering for or buying tickets to, there may be required fields that both the ticket buyer and holder must enter. Make sure you've entered all information correctly! 

Check Your Payment Information

Is the payment information that you entered accurate, including:

  • Security code

  • Expiration

  • Zip code)

 Did you forget to enter a piece of information?

If you've forgotten to enter a piece of information, you will receive a message telling you what needs to be fixed.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Have you tried the above steps and are still having issues? Try the following tips!

  1. Try a different browser - we recommend using Google Chrome! However, when using an iPhone or an iPad, Safari might work better.

  2. Clear your cache / cookies

  3. Make sure the tickets are still available and not sold out - if they are, contact your event host.

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