Adding polls to your event is a great way to get inside the minds of your attendees. Event polls allow you to ask your attendee's opinion and get live feedback on hot topics. It's also a good way to get your attendees engaged at your event.


To create a poll, first, you need to create a session or a booth. Once you've created your session or booth access your virtual event hub to create a poll. Click here to learn more on how to create a session.

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for a Session

Note: Disabling the Poll is only available for Scale plan and other higher plans

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Open the session

  • On session details, scroll down to Advanced Settings

  • Switch on / off Enable polls for this session

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for an Exhibitor Booth

  • Go to Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • Open the exhibitor booth

  • Scroll down to Manage Booth Activity

  • Switch on / off Enable polls for this Exhibitor Booth

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for the Lobby

  • Go to Event Website

  • Select Virtual Event Hub

  • Select Lobby

  • Switch on / off Enable Polls

Please note the following before creating a poll:

  • Only admins and speakers can create polls

  • Polls may only be created if you enter a session in the virtual event hub or if you access the Accelevents studio link

  • Attendees may only answer once for each poll

  • If you're an admin or speaker and you want to see the live poll results, submit a poll answer so that you can see it. If you don't submit an answer, you may only see the results when the poll ends.

  • If the poll results are hidden, this is only hidden from attendees. Speakers and admins will still see the results.

Create a Poll

  • Enter the session through the virtual event hub or access the Accelevents studio link for the session

  • Click the Polls tab on the right-side panel

  • Click Add Poll

  • Type in your poll question

  • Select whether attendees can pick multiple answers or just one answer

  • Type in the answers below

  • You can adjust the number of answer selection by clicking Delete or Add Answer

  • Enable Show Results to Users if you want attendees to see the poll results

  • Click Save

  • Click Launch Poll

  • Note: When a poll is published the poll button at the top of the chat pulses a couple of times, a notification, and a pop-up window for the poll question should appear for the attendees. If attendees are in full screen the poll pop-up will not appear for them, it will only appear once they exit full screen.

Submit a Poll Answer

  • After clicking Launch Poll, the button should change to Submit. This means your poll is ready and can now be viewed by your attendees

  • Tick the checkbox or radio button to select an answer

  • Click Submit

  • If you enabled Show Results to Users, the results will be instantly shown to the attendee after submitting

  • If you're an admin or a speaker submitting an answer, the result will be instantly shown to you even if the Show Results to User is disabled

End a Poll

  • Click the End Poll button to stop the poll

Delete a Poll

  • Click the trash icon on the poll to delete it

Create a Poll in Advance

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Copy the session's link by clicking on the link icon

  • Open a new tab/window and go to the link that you've copied

  • Start creating your poll

Download the Poll Report in Analytics Tab

  • Go to Analytics in your admin console

  • From the Registration tab, click Download

  • Select Polls Data

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