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Add polls in the lobby, sessions, and exhibitor booths to get insights from your attendees

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The Polls Feature

Adding polls to your event is a great way to get inside the minds of your attendees. Event polls allow you to ask your attendees' opinions and get live feedback on hot topics. It's also an excellent way to engage your attendees at your event.

To create a poll, first, you need to create a session or a booth. Once you've made your session or booth, access your virtual event hub to create a poll. Click here to learn more about how to create a session.

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for a Session

Note: Disabling the Poll is only available for the Scale plan and other higher plans

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click the three dots and select Edit from the dropdown menu

  • On session details, scroll down to Advanced Settings

  • Switch on / off Enable polls for this session

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for an Exhibitor Booth

  • Go to Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • Click the three dots and select Edit from the dropdown menu

  • Scroll down to Manage Booth Interactivity

  • Toggle on / off Enable polls in this Exhibitor Booth

Enable / Disable the Poll Feature for the Lobby

  • Go to the Event Website tab

  • Select Virtual Event Hub

  • Select Lobby

  • Toggle on / off Enable Polls

Please note the following before creating a poll:

  • Only admins and speakers can create polls

  • Polls may only be created if you enter a session in the virtual event hub or if you access the Accelevents studio link.

  • Attendees may only answer once for each poll.

  • If you're an admin or speaker and want to see the live poll results, submit a poll answer so you can see it. If you don't submit an answer, you may only see the results when the poll ends.

  • If the poll results are hidden, this is only hidden from attendees. Speakers and admins will still see the results.

  • Drafted polls can be seen, edited and launched by other admins and speakers.

Create a Poll

  • Enter the session through the virtual event hub or access the Accelevents studio link for the session

  • Click the Polls tab on the right-side panel

  • Click Create a Poll

  • Type in your poll question

  • Type in the answers below

  • Select whether attendees can pick multiple answers or just one answer

  • You can add another answer by selecting Add an option

  • You can delete an answer by selecting the trash can icon next to it

  • Enable Show Results to Users if you want attendees to see the poll results

  • Click Save draft if you want to save the poll question and publish it for later. You can edit this draft if you need any changes.

  • Click Publish if you want to launch the poll now.

Answer a Poll

When a poll is published, the poll button at the top of the chat pulses a couple of times, and a notification for the poll question should appear for the attendees.

When an attendee clicks Go to poll from the notification, a pop-up window will appear, and they can answer the poll from there.

If attendees did not answer from the pop-up, they could go to the Polls tab and answer published polls that they have not answered yet.

  • Tick the checkbox or radio button to select an answer.

  • Click Submit.

  • If you enabled Show Results to Users, the results would be instantly shown to the attendee after submitting.

  • If you're an admin or a speaker submitting an answer, the result will be instantly shown to you even if the Show Results to User is disabled.

End a Poll

  • Click the End Poll button to stop the poll.

Hide a Poll

  • Click the Hide button to hide a poll.

  • Note: the hide button is only available when the poll has ended.

  • When a poll is hidden, it does not show for attendees, and it has a label that the poll is ended and hidden. There is a Show button that you can click if you want to make it available to attendees again.

Delete a Poll

  • Click the trash icon to delete the poll.

Create a Poll in Advance

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click the three dots to see the menu dropdown

  • Click Copy Deep Link to Session

  • Open a new tab/window and go to the link that you've copied

Download the Poll Report in Analytics Tab

  • Go to Analytics in your admin console

  • From the Registration tab, click Download

  • Select Polls Data

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