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Add Attendees Tab: Importing Event Registrants to Accelevents
Add Attendees Tab: Importing Event Registrants to Accelevents

Import attendees through a CSV file or add them manually

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Importing Event Registrants to Accelevents

Suppose you're using a different platform to sell tickets for your virtual event. In that case, you can add registrations to Accelevents through the Attendees > Add Attendee tab on your admin console. Since these registrants have already paid for their tickets elsewhere, you need to give them a free ticket in Accelevents so that they can enter your event.

Before proceeding with importing registrants, make sure that you have created a ticket type. If you still need to create a ticket, click here to learn how.

Import Registrants via CSV file

  • Go to Attendees > Add Attendees

  • Click Import Buyers / Holders

  • Select the ticket type to assign to the registrants

  • You can select an add-on if these registrants also purchased an add-on

  • Select your CSV file. After adding, you should see a confirmation that all items are valid.

  • Click Import

Locate Uploaded Registrants

Once uploaded, the registrants should appear in the Attendees > Order tab. If an add-on is included, the order should also reflect the add-on in the order.

Order Confirmation Email

Registrants should automatically receive an order confirmation email after being added to the event. This is the default setting, but you can disable the order confirmation email if you don't want them to receive the notification.

As an admin, you should receive a confirmation email that the upload is successful.

CSV Format

The CSV template has 4 required columns, but if you want to add more columns to your list, please make sure that the column titles are the same titles found in the Registration tab > Order Form. (e.g., Job Title and Organization). The fields below should appear first; additional columns can be added to the right. The Transaction ID field is optional and can be left blank.

Please take note of the following on the other data that you can include in the CSV file:

  • Transaction ID can only be numbers, with a maximum of 45 digits

  • Numbers cannot contain commas

  • First and last names should have a maximum of 50 characters

  • Email should contain one email address and be a maximum of 75 characters

  • States should be displayed in full and not abbreviated

  • Multiple answers for multiple question types should be separated by a | without any extra spaces. (e.g., Answer 1|Answer2|Answer3)

Upload Add-ons Only

If you're uploading add-ons only, only those with Accelevents tickets can be imported. If there are add-ons for users in your list who don't have a ticket yet, you will be notified that these add-ons have not been uploaded.

Add Registrants One by One

If you need to add just one or a handful of attendees, you can manually add them instead of uploading a CSV.

  • Go to the Attendees tab

  • Click Add Attendees

  • Select the number of tickets for the order

  • Click Register

  • Enter the ticket buyer and holder information

  • Click Submit

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