If you're using a different platform to receive payment for your virtual event tickets, you can add your attendees to Accelevents through Attendee > Add Attendee tab on your admin console. Since these attendees have already paid for their tickets elsewhere, you need to give them a free ticket in Accelevents so that they can enter your event.

Create a Free Ticket

  • Go to the Set-up Tickets tab

  • Click Create Ticket

  • Select Free Ticket

  • Enter all the ticket information

  • If you don't want anyone else to access this ticket type, you can click Advanced Settings and tick Hide this ticket type

  • Click Save

Add Attendees one by one

  • Go to the Attendees tab

  • Click Add Attendees

  • Select the free ticket type you created

  • Click Register

  • Enter the ticket buyer and ticket holder information

  • Click Submit

  • Once added the attendee should automatically receive a confirmation email for their ticket purchase

Import Attendees via .CSV file

Note: Using the import option will incur a $1 per attendee upload charge

  • Go to the Attendees tab

  • Click Add Attendees

  • Click Import Buyers / Holders

  • Select your .CSV file

  • Once the file is selected it will let you know how much the charge will be. Click confirm.

  • Select the ticket type for these attendees

  • Click Upload Valid Items

  • Once uploaded, the attendees should appear in the Order tab

  • The attendee should automatically receive a confirmation email for their ticket purchase (if this is enabled)

  • As admin you should be able to receive a confirmation email that the upload is successful

  • The cardholder (admin that activated the event) should receive an email of the receipt

The .CSV template has 5 columns, but if you want to add more columns to your list you can do so, just make sure that the column titles are the same titles found in the Registration tab > Order Form. (e.g. Job Title and Organization). The fields shown below should appear first and any additional columns can be added after. The Transaction Id and Quantity is optional and can be left blank.

Click here to download the template

Note: If you want us to upload your attendees, create the ticket type for that group and send the attendee list to us through chat or email info@accelevents.com and we will upload them for you for an additional fee of $1 per attendee upload with a minimum of 500 attendees. It will take 48 hours to process this, so please send your list in advance.

Keep in mind importing attendees using a .csv file is a paid additional option, if you upload the attendees this way for test purposes it will automatically generate the charges as well.

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