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Can Guests Purchase Tickets for Their Friends / Family?
Can Guests Purchase Tickets for Their Friends / Family?
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Ticket buyers can purchase tickets for themselves or their friends and family. As a host, you can determine the maximum number of tickets purchased per transaction.

Purchasing Tickets for Friends or Family

From your admin console, navigate to registration then Set Up Tickets and create the ticket for your event. Be sure to click Advanced Settings which will allow you to select the minimum and the maximum number of tickets allowed to be registered per order.

Save your settings and go to Registration > Order Form in the admin console to customize the order form and the ticketing settings. You need to enable these toggles:

  • Allow Attendees to edit Information

  • Collect both Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder Information

This will allow the ticket buyer to register additional ticket holders, who will also have the ability to edit their attendee profile after registration.

On your event page, the ticket buyer will need to click the Buy Tickets button.

Then click the drop-down to select how many tickets they want to buy.

The next screen will ask them for information about the ticket buyer. They should enter their information here even though the ticket is not for them.

The next step is to enter the ticket holder's data. If the ticket buyer is buying tickets for them and others, they need to choose Invite attendees and input all the attendees' information including theirs.

After they finish the registration, both the ticket buyer and the ticket holder will receive an order confirmation email showing the ticket(s) bought for them.

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