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Can I Have My Attendees Edit Information on Their Tickets?
Can I Have My Attendees Edit Information on Their Tickets?

How to allow attendees to edit ticket information

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After purchasing tickets, attendees may still want to change the information they entered during registration. While admins can edit it in the Orders tab, there is also a way to let your attendees edit their ticket information, this is especially helpful for people who bought more than one ticket and need to make sure other ticket holders have the correct information.

Allow Attendees to Edit their Information

  • Go to Registration

  • Select Order Form

  • Enable Allow Attendee To Edit Information from the Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ticket Buyer and Ticket Holder?

  • The ticket buyer is the one who paid for the tickets. Even if the ticket was free, whoever did the registration is considered the "buyer".

  • Ticket holders are the designated people for the tickets.

Can editing information be selected for certain ticket types only?

  • No, If you allow editing on the order form it will allow editing on all ticket types.

I have just recently toggled "Allow Attendee To Edit" will this allow previous attendees who registered tickets to edit their ticket information before I turned this on?

  • Yes, this will let all ticket buyers/holders edit their tickets.

My attendee can edit their own ticket but not the ticket they registered for other people.

  • Toggle "Each Attendee" on the Order Form to let ticket buyers edit ticket information for multiple tickets.

Can Ticket Holders edit the details of other tickets in the same purchase order?

  • No, they can only edit the ticket they bought or assigned to them. Only the ticket buyer can edit the details on other ticket holders.

Can they change the ticket type from this option?

  • No, they can only edit the information they entered, not the ticket type they bought.

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