ipad check in for in person event

The Admin App allows event admins and staff to check-in attendees while on the go. Instead of setting up a computer or laptop at the event venue, you can just use your smartphone or iPad to start checking in attendees. You can also set up an iPad Kiosk that allows attendees to check in themselves by searching for their information or scanning their QR code.

Note: Before following the steps below, please ensure you have been added as a staff member by the administrator of your Accelevents account.

Mobile Admin App

1. Download the Accelevents Admin App - IOS or Google Play

2. Log in to the app and select your event.

3. Select Event Ticketing & Check In

4. Click Check-in

5. Select Event Check In

6. Check-in through attendee search

  • Search for the attendee.

  • Click the "Attending" button next to the attendee's name.

  • The button should change to "Checked In" and turn green after checking in the attendee to the event.

7. Check-in through QR code scanning

  • Click the green QR scan icon at the bottom

  • Scan the QR code

iPad Admin App

The steps of using an iPad are similar to checking in through mobile. But instead of clicking the event directly, you need to click the 3-line menu at the upper-left corner, then select Check-in Attendee from the left side menu.

Activating iPad Kiosk Check In

If you're using an iPad, there is an additional feature called Kiosk Mode which, when enabled, will allow attendees to check in on their own by scanning their QR code or entering the information.

While in Kiosk Mode, attendees won't have any access to the other features of the admin app. To exit kiosk mode, you will be required as an admin to enter your credentials.

On the same Check-In screen, click the "Activate Kiosk Mode" button.

Once in Kiosk Mode, attendees can select whether to check in by QR code scanning or by entering their information. Once they are checked in, they can also print their event badge.

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