A test event is a great way to get acquainted with the site's features and functions. It's also mainly used to be a training environment for moderators and speakers so they can familiarize themselves with the studio controls as much as they need.

Test Event Limitations Under the Free Plan

You can create as many test events as you need, and they are free. This is what's included in the Free Plan:

  • Only 1 calendar day event

  • Limited to 25 participants, this includes admins, speakers, attendees, and booth staff. One person can be assigned different roles and counted only as one if they use the same email.

  • 10 sessions

  • 2 ticket types

  • 15 exhibitor booths

  • Virtual Event Hub tabs renaming

2 ways to create test events

You can create a test event in 2 ways: Creating a new event from scratch or duplicating your existing event and rescheduling/editing sessions as you see fit.

1. Create a new test event

Click on your profile on the top right of the admin console > Create Event.

2. Duplicate your event to create a test event environment

Click on your profile on the top right side of the admin console > My events > Look for your event, then select Duplicate:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create just one test event and reschedule for another day for testing after using it with my admins/moderators/speakers?
  • Yes

Can I have more than 25 people simultaneously on my test event?
  • No, test events on the Free plan will lock the event to 25 people. We suggest grouping your speakers and having separate test events for each group.

Does having a test event use up my event credits?
  • No. Even if the event is under the same organizer, it does not count toward your billable and usable event credits.

Do I need to publish my test event?
  • No, you should not publish your test event. Publishing should only be done on actual events.

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