Add Dynamic Values or Merge Tags to Your Engage Emails

Click the Help Center button from your Engage Email Template to see the available merge fields you can add to your email to attendees.

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Adding Dynamic Values to Engage Emails

Below are the dynamic values you can use in your engage email to make it more directed towards the recipient. The system will replace these variables with contact information and event information present in our system.

For example, you can place a dynamic value for the first name in an email template so that the greeting includes the recipient's name rather than a generic “Hello!”.


  • This works as well for the Order Confirmation email when using the advanced email template builder.

  • The dynamic values available for the Engage Email are different from the dynamic values available for the Order Confirmation email. Check out the list of dynamic values or merge tags available for the Order Confirmation Email.

  • Some dynamic values will not work on other recipient lists as those contacts may not have those data in their record. (e.g., $TicketTypeName will not work for emails sent to auction participants as they do not have tickets.)

If you're sending an Engage Email to your attendees, you can personalize those emails by adding these dynamic values to your email:

  • $FirstName

  • $LastName

  • $Email

  • $EventUrl

  • $EventName

  • $TicketNumber

  • $OrderNumber

  • $AutoAssignedSequenceNumber

  • $TicketTypeName

To see this list, click View Dynamic Values in Engage.

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