Yes! Using the Accelevents Engage Module, you can quickly and easily upload contacts and send email updates to your guests.


  • To use the feature, your Stripe or Square account must be connected. There is no extra charge and we won't charge your attendees, it just has to be connected.

  • Event admins will be limited to 6 email blasts per event

  • The default number of contacts that can be added is 5 - if you require additional contacts to be added, simply contact Accelevents support staff directly to increase it.

  • You can still use the feature even after the event ends but you can only send emails by selecting "Now" and you CANNOT "Send Later"

Sending Emails from the Engage Module

1. Navigate to the Engage section of your admin console:

 2. If you have not added any contacts yet, click on the "Manage Contacts"

 3. Click the "Add Contact" button to add a single contact:

 4. Click the "Import Contact" button to upload a list of contacts using a .csv file:

5. Once your contacts are added, navigate to the "Send Email" section of the Engage module:

6. Click "Create New"

7. Select the audience you would like to send your email to:

Note: Your registered attendees/ticket holders will NOT be automatically uploaded to your contacts list. That group WILL however be a pre-loaded "Send To"  option when creating an email.

8. You will now be able to create a fully customized email for your contacts. Utilize the different design elements on the right side of the screen to customize your email:

8. Be sure to save any changes you have made as you create your custom email

9. Select if you would like to send your email now, or schedule for later:

10. Click the Send email navigation button to view your email templates or scheduled emails:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit an email that had already been sent?

  • Sent emails cannot be edited, you can copy the email, edit it as necessary, and then draft or send it as usual.

Can I attach a file to the email?

  • No, that's currently not an option, however, you can add a button to your email that redirects to a link where they can download your file (e.g. google drive or dropbox)

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