Ever needed an additional tab in your virtual event that you can customize? You can add a custom tab if you are on the Scale, Professional, or Enterprise plan!

The custom tab will appear as one of the tabs in your Lobby.

Note: The Custom tab has the same type of Content Editor as the About tab, so the steps below will also work for your About Tab.

Add a Custom Tab

To add a custom tab, go to the Event Website tab of your admin console. Click on Virtual Event Hub and select Lobby. From there, you'll see the option to + Add a Custom Tab.

After clicking on + Add a Custom Tab, a menu will slide in for you to add the Name of the Tab and its Content. When you're done filling out the information in the Content Editor, click on Create Tab.

The custom tab can be viewed in the Lobby of your Virtual Event Hub. Here's a sample of what the custom tab can look like:

What can I add to my Custom Tab?

You can use it for almost anything. You can add images, videos, media players, social media pages, games, etc.

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