When someone purchases a ticket, they will receive an invoice attached to the order confirmation email. You can also download the invoice through the orders tab and make edits if needed.

Downloading Ticket Buyer Invoice

  • Go to Attendees then click on Orders

  • Click the 3-dot menu found in the upper right corner of the order

  • Select Download Invoice PDF

  • The invoice will look like this:

Adding the Address in the Invoice

If your customers need their address to show in the "Bill To" area of the invoice, you need to do the steps below to capture the information during registration and have it automatically appear in the invoice.

  • Go to Registration > Order Form

  • Include and Require the Billing Address field for the Ticket Buyer.

    Note: If you forgot to do this, you can still enable the toggles even after the purchase, then manually enter the information through the Orders tab.

Adding VAT Information in the Invoice

If your customers need their VAT information to appear in the "Bill To" area invoice, you need to set up your VAT requirements before opening registration.

When you require VAT for your ticket sales, Organization and VAT ID fields will automatically appear in the order form. If the buyer fills out the fields, the VAT ID will appear in the invoice. We're still working on having the organization appear in there, stay tuned for updates!

Your VAT ID and VAT rate will also appear in the invoice. The customer's VAT ID will appear below the name and address.

Note: If you were unable to set up VAT for your ticket sales and want the customer's VAT ID to appear in the invoice, your next best option is to enter the VAT ID in the address field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can be edited?

  • You can edit the ticket buyer's name, address, and VAT ID.

Will there be more information on Sales Tax?

  • No, the Sales Tax will be included in the Service Fees.

Can this be attached to the Order Confirmation?

  • Yes, this is automatically attached to the Order Confirmation.

If I resend the order confirmation email with the edited invoice, will the edits appear in the invoice?

  • Yes, it will reflect the latest update on the invoice.

Can an attendee download the invoice while logged in to their Accelevent account?

  • Yes, they just need to go to their My Tickets tab, select the event they want to download the invoice from, then click Download Invoice.

If the attendee and the ticket buyer are not the same, can the invoice be named after the attendee?

  • Yes, but that means you will need to change the ticket buyer's information to the attendee's information.

If in one order there are several ticket purchases, can a separate invoice be created for each ticket purchase?

  • No, only one invoice will be generated per order.

Will add-on purchases and donations while purchasing appear in the invoice?

  • Yes

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