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The Organizer Profile
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The Organizer Profile

Your Accelevents organizer profile is a central page that you can use to list all of your ongoing events. Not only does the organizer profile help you keep all events in one place, but you can promote this as a public page so that your audience can see each of your events and easily purchase their tickets.

If it’s your first time signing up for Accelevents, an organizer will automatically be created with your name. In this article, you'll learn how to access and edit your organizer. We will also show how to link your events to the organizer and how to add a new organizer.

Learn how to access and set up your organizer profile by following the directions below.

1. Accessing the Organizer Portal

  • Login to your Admin Console

  • At the bottom of the left side panel, you'll see the Organizer linked to your event

  • Click Manage Organization

  • You will be directed to your Organizer Portal

Note: If you have the Enterprise or White Label plan, access your dashboard by selecting the My Enterprise tab within your Organizer portal.

2. Editing the Organizer Profile

  • From the Organizer Portal, click Profile

  • Set up your Organizer Profile by adding your logo (1900x500), description, website (if you have one), social media accounts, and organizer webpage theme.

3. Accessing the Organizer Page

  • In your profile, you'll see your organizer page URL. This URL can be promoted across social media or via email to let everyone see your events. You may click the last part of the URL to edit it.

  • To see a preview of your organizer page, click View organizer

  • Your organizer page will show your event logo on top and the active and past events below. Beside the logo are the organizer's name and description. The social media buttons will allow visitors to share your organizer page on their social media accounts.

4. Linking Existing Events to the Organizer

Once you've created your Organizer Profile, you can add your existing events to that Organizer.

  • Click your profile at the top right corner

  • Select My Events

  • Choose from your events and then click edit

  • Navigate to Event Details. At the bottom of the page, click the dropdown to select the Organizer profile you want to associate to the event.

In the same area, you can also do the following:

  • Create a new organizer by clicking Add New Organizer.

  • Edit the selected organizer from this page by clicking Edit Organizer.

  • If you choose to edit or create your organizer from here, you will be directed to the Organizer portal.

Once you've linked your event to an Organizer and accessed your Organizer portal you'll see the list of all events associated with that organizer in the Events tab.

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