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Simple steps to start creating your event!

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How to Create an Event

  1. Click the Create Event button from the Organiser Portal.

    Note: If you're not seeing this page while logged in, click your profile name from the right side and click + Create Event.

  2. Click Create New Event from the confirmation pop-up.

  3. Select your event format, then click Next. Select any choices if you're unsure what kind of event you're having. You can still change this later.

    • Online - You have virtual sessions, but you don't have an event venue.

    • Hybrid - You have virtual and in-person sessions.

    • In Person - Nothing is virtual; everything will happen in an event venue, or you're having a fundraiser (auction, raffle, fund a need, or donations only).

  4. Select Registration / Ticketing if you're selling event tickets. Select the other event elements you need for your event. You can always add or remove elements later. Click Next when you're done.

  5. Enter your event name, date, and time. Click Next when you're done.

That's it! After creating your event, you will see your admin console, where you can customize your event. The next step is to customize your event URL.

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