Activate Your Event
Simple steps on how to activate your event
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How to Activate Your Event

Go to Settings > Billing from your admin console to see the event modules you need to activate.

Activate a Virtual or Hybrid Event

  • From Settings > Billing, click the Activate button under Virtual Events

  • Go to the Billing tab of your Organizer Portal

  • Browse plans and click the Chat with Sales button

  • Select a date and time for your meeting with our Sales team

  • Fill in your information and click Confirm.

  • Your meeting with Sales is confirmed. They will discuss the details of your plan and send a contract that you will sign.

Note: you can only activate a plan by meeting with our Sales team. You need to sign a contract to activate your plan so it is necessary to book a meeting with our Sales team.

Activate a Fundraising Event

  • From Settings > Billing, click Add under Fundraising

  • Click Active & Pay under Total

  • Enter your credit card information

  • Click Make Payment

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