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Embed a Google Form With a File Upload Field
Embed a Google Form With a File Upload Field

A guide on how to embed a Google form that has a file upload question into specific areas within the virtual event hub.

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We know that adding forms and other items to your custom tabs, such as embedding videos, social media, games, and media players, is easy. But somehow, adding a Google form with an upload field does not work, so we found a trick to make it work!

Embed a Google Form With a File Upload Field

First, you will need to install a Google add-on called FormFacade. This add-on will allow you to convert the file upload question into an HTML upload, so your attendees won't have to sign into Google to submit the file. Once FormFacade is installed:

  • Go to the Google form, click the puzzle icon, and select FormFacade.

  • A small FormFacade pop-up will appear. Click Customize this form.

  • A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Yes.

  • The Google form page will reload, changing the file upload field into a short answer field. Click Proceed when this pop-up appears.

  • The page will reload with a form preview. Click SHARE, and copy the FormFacade link.

  • Open a new tab and go to a free iFrame generator

  • Select yes for the scrollbar

  • Paste the previously copied Formfacade link into the iFrame URL field, click Generate

  • An iFrame code will be generated. Click COPY IT.

    From here, you're now ready to embed this code into a Custom Tab in the virtual event hub of your event. In your events' admin console:

  • Click Event Website > Virtual Event Hub > Lobby

  • Click the 3-dot menu of the custom tab, and click Edit

  • The Edit Custom Tab pane will slide in, click the vertical 3-dot menu found in the content box, and then enter the code box by clicking the code view icon < >

  • Paste the previously copied iFrame generated code, then exit the code view by clicking the code view icon < > again.

  • The form will load in the content box. Click Save at the bottom.

    The form will now appear in the virtual event hub's lobby custom tab, and your attendees may upload files into the form without having to sign into Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I embed a Google Form with a file upload field in the virtual event hub?

  • In addition to the Lobby's Custom Tab, as shown above, you can also embed this in a Custom Tab in the virtual event hub navigation menu. Both custom tabs are available only for Scale, Professional, and Enterprise plans. You can learn more about the Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Tab here.

I want my attendees to see this form before the event begins. Can I embed this form on the Landing page?

  • Yes, you can! You may utilize the About tab for this purpose. Once embedded, the form will appear on your events' Landing page.

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