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Invite Attendees to Join the Accelevents Studio
Invite Attendees to Join the Accelevents Studio

Learn how to invite attendees to be on camera while in a Main Stage or Regular Session using Accelevents Studio - Tokbox or Voxeet

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Getting Attendees Up on the Stage

Aside from having speakers in the Accelevents Studio, you can invite attendees to join them on stage so they can also be seen and heard by other attendees. You can use this feature for sessions where you want more interaction from attendees besides participating in the chat. Most event organizers use this when they want to feature an attendee who has questions or recognize an attendee for an award.

This feature works with Main Stage and Regular sessions using Accelevents Studio as a streaming provider with Tokbox or Voxeet as a sub-stream provider.

Invite Attendees to Join the Accelevents Studio

To start inviting attendees, as an admin, you must either be in the studio or the session. Speakers can only do this from the studio.

  • Click the Attendees tab on the right-side panel

  • Click the 3-dot menu next to the attendee's name

  • Select Invite to Stage

How Will the Attendee Enter the Studio?

After sending the invite, the attendee will get a pop-up notification. They will only see the notification if they are inside the session. They will have 1 minute to accept the invite.

If, after 1 minute, they have not accepted or dismissed, they will get a notification that the invitation has expired. You could send another invite if the attendee missed it.

Note: If they haven't closed out the pop-up from the previous invite, they won't see the new invite.

When they click the Accept button, they must check their audio and video settings. They can click the Join Now button to enter the studio if everything works.

Note: If their camera or microphone is not working, they may need to enable their browser permissions by clicking the lock icon on the browser. They will need to refresh the page after enabling the permissions, so you will need to send them another invite.

Once they are inside the studio, they will have these capabilities:

  • Turn on or off their camera

  • Mute or unmute their microphone

  • Share a screen or video

They won't have access to other studio features available for speakers and admins, such as starting or stopping the broadcast, joining the backstage chat, inviting other attendees to the studio, or removing other participants.

Note: Attendees will initially be off-stage when they join. Click here to learn more about being on-stage.

How Will the Attendee Exit the Studio?

They can click the Leave button (phone icon) to exit the studio and redirect to the virtual event hub lobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many attendees can be invited to the studio?

  • The Studio has a capacity of 50, so if there's only 1 person in there, you can invite up to 49 attendees. However, only the first 16 people in the studio who turn on their cameras will be on stage.

Can attendees after the first 16 people be seen on the stage?

  • Yes, if someone from the first 16 people with their camera on has turned it off, the next one that turns on their camera will be seen on stage.

Will the invited attendees access the studio if they use the studio link?

  • No, that link is only for admins and speakers, so when they try to access it, they will get an error message saying they are not listed as speakers for the session.

Can I re-invite them if they have already been in the studio?

  • Yes, if they go back to the session after leaving the studio, you can send them another invite which they will see as a pop-up in the session.

Can speakers invite attendees to the studio?

  • Yes, both admins and speakers can invite attendees to the studio.

Can speakers and admins be invited to the studio using this process?

  • No, the option to Invite to Stage will be grayed out for speakers and admins.

  • They will need to access the studio using the direct studio link.

Is there a report that would show when the attendees entered the studio?

  • Yes, on the Attendee Analytics tab, look for the attendee and click User Activity on the right-side panel. The activity would show as "Joined a Session as Speaker."

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