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Pre-Schedule Meetings Between Attendees
Pre-Schedule Meetings Between Attendees

Create and manage 1:1 meetings with registered attendees before the event opens to manage your schedule and maximize attendee engagement

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Pre-schedule Meetings

Event admins can now set up 1:1 meetings between registered attendees. This feature enables event organizers to create and manage pre-event meetings between attendees for potential business pitches, interviews, introductions, and more.

Important Notes

  • Pre-scheduling meetings are only available for virtual and hybrid events; they will not be visible for In-Person events. If you need help with the event format, go to the Event Details tab and check the Event Format field.

  • You can only create, edit and delete meetings before the event starts. Once the event opens, these options will be grayed out.

Schedule The Meeting

  • Go to Engage > Pre-schedule Meetings

  • Click Schedule Meeting

  • Choose two people from the list, search for them by name, email, or company, then click Continue.


    • You can only select two participants.

    • Once you've picked two participants, the remaining users will be grayed out.

    • Only attendees with a Virtual or Hybrid ticket type will be visible or searchable on this page.

    • Attendees with refunded or deleted tickets will NOT be displayed.

  • Complete the Meeting Details and click Create at the bottom to save the meeting.

    • A Meeting Title is required and will only be displayed in the admin console. The meeting title is not transferred to the virtual event hub. There is a character limit of 50.

    • Choose a time slot

      • Date: Select a date from the drop-down menu; the date options will match your event's date(s) as specified in the event details.

      • Time zone: The default time zone will be the same as the one specified in Event Details. You can schedule a meeting based on different time zones, which will consider each attendee's availability when displaying available times.

      • Duration: choose between 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute durations

      • Select a time: The times shown will reflect the availability of both attendees. If you want to choose a meeting time unavailable to both attendees, check the box for Show unavailable slots.

      • Add a note: This is optional and will be displayed in the description field for attendees in the virtual event hub. There is a 250-character limit.

View the Scheduled Meeting

After scheduling the meeting, you should see it in the Pre-Scheduled Meetings tab. Click the 3 dots to edit or delete the meeting.

When attendees enter the virtual event hub, they should see the meeting through the Calendar icon to the left of their name. They will see the name of the person they are meeting with, the meeting date and time, and the description.

Attendees can reschedule or cancel the meeting. If any changes are made by the attendee, they will also be updated in the admin console. The Start button will stay grayed out until the meeting's scheduled time.


  • Both admin and attendee can reschedule the meeting as long as it hasn't started.

  • Once an attendee is invited to a meeting, they won't get a notification. It will be added to their virtual event hub calendar automatically. The same applies if an admin cancels or reschedules a meeting; no emails will be sent.

  • If the meeting is rejected by the attendee, it will be deleted from the admin console.

Pre-schedule Meetings Analytics

All one-on-one meetings can be found under Analytics > Networking > Connections. It will display the number of 1:1 meetings attended by the attendee, meeting requests sent and received, as well as the total and average meeting duration of the attendee.

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