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Curate an exclusive event participant list by using the Registration Approval feature.

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Important Notes:

  • This feature is still in BETA. We’re excited to release this functionality in our public beta. During this phase, we are collecting feedback and working to deliver the perfect functionality.

  • This feature is available for Enterprise and White Label Plans only.

  • Event admins will not be notified through email if a registration approval is submitted, they will need to check the approval list in the admin console for new submissions.

The Registration Approval feature allows you to review which registrants, speakers, and exhibitors you want to join your event. Instead of giving attendees instant access, there will be a screening process before they can buy event tickets. For speakers, you can review if their topic is relevant to your event before giving them a session slot. Exhibitors can upload basic information like their company description and logo to show you if their booth would be of great interest to your attendees, and when you approve them, the booth will automatically be created, and the exhibitors can have access right away to start editing it.

The Registration Approval Process

What Happens When the Registration Approval Feature is Turned on?

Attendee Registration Approval

Once you enable the attendee registration approval, all event registrants will be screened first before they can proceed with buying a ticket. And so, the "Buy Tickets" button from the event landing page will disappear and be replaced by a "Register" button.

After they click the "register" button, they will select the ticket type they want. They will be asked to enter their personal information; their name and email address are required, but you can also add other fields to collect more information, and then they will submit the request. Since this process screens them before buying, they are not asked to enter their payment information if they selected a paid ticket.

When you approve their request, they will get a confirmation that their request has been approved, and they can now claim their spot by purchasing the ticket. If the ticket is free, they will automatically get the ticket.

Speaker Registration Approval

A "Register as a Speaker" button will appear on the event landing page's About tab if you enable it for speakers. After they click the button, they will be asked to enter their personal information and information about the session they want to speak about.

When you approve their request, they will get an email that they have been approved and to wait for more instructions. They will not be automatically added as speakers, nor will the session be created. You will have to manually add them after approving them.

Exhibitor Registration Approval

A "Register as an Exhibitor" button will appear on the event landing page's About tab if you enable it for exhibitors. After they click the button, they will be asked to enter their personal and booth information. They will be required to upload their logo and enter the booth name.

When you approve their request, the booth will automatically be created, and they will get an email that they have been approved and another email to access the booth for editing.

Enable The Registration Approval

To start, go to Registration > Registration Approval in your admin console. Please just select whether you want to screen Attendees, Speakers, or Exhibitors, then turn on the toggle to enable the registration approval.

Approve Registration Requests

Once enabled, two tabs will appear: Requests and Setup & Customization. The Requests tab will show all registration requests. If it's a new request, their status will be Pending.

Click the dropdown on the Status column to change their status from Pending to Waitlisted, Denied, Approved, or Approve and Assign Ticket.

Note: The Approve and Assign Ticket option is available only if the request is for a free ticket.

If it's your first time changing a status, you will be asked whether you want to send automatic emails for the changes or if you'll send them manually. You will have the option to change this setting later from the Setup and Customization tab.

If you select Send Automatically, the registrant will receive an email update depending on the selected status.

Approved Attendee

When you approve registrants and don't assign a ticket, they will get a second email with a "Claim Your Spot" button where they can purchase the allotted ticket.

If you choose to Approve and Assign the Ticket, the attendee will receive the Order Confirmation for the free ticket.

Approved Speaker

When you approve a speaker, this does not mean they will get access immediately. You will need to create the session and add them as a speaker to the session, and then they will get an email to access it.

Approved Exhibitor

When you approve an exhibitor, the exhibitor booth will be created, and the exhibitor will get a second email immediately to access their booth.

Note: Once you approve, you can no longer change the status.

Other Registration Approval Settings

When you click a registrant request, a menu will open showing all the request details with options to change the status, add notes, send the status email, download the request, and delete the request. The History Log tab will log all the status changes for the request.

Setup & Customization

The Setup & Customization tab allows you to customize what questions you want to ask registrants, show them an instructional guide before proceeding, and edit the emails they will receive.


This part is just like the order form; you can include and require questions in the registration and add custom questions depending on what information you need from registrants.

For speakers, there is a separate tab where you can include and require questions about the session.

For exhibitors, there is a separate tab where you can include and require questions about the booth.

Introductory Page

The Introductory Page is a page a registrant will see after they click the register button. Instead of proceeding immediately to register, they will see instructions and an explanation of how the process works.

You can edit the banner image, title, and description.

Sample Introductory Page:

Post Registration Emails

You can customize the message for each email and select whether to send emails automatically or manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they register more than once?

  • No, they can't. When a registrant registers using the same email address more than once, they will get an error message: 'Registration request already exists.'

Can they register again if they are already approved?

  • No, they can't. If the registrant tries to register again through the event landing page after approval, they will get an error message: 'Registration request already exists.' The registrant must purchase the ticket by clicking the Claim Your Spot button in the status email they will receive.

Can they purchase add-ons through the Registration Approval process?

  • Buying add-ons will only be available when they claim their spot after approval.

Will their ticket allotment expire if they don't purchase it right away?

  • The ticket allotment will stay active.

Can I still change it back to the regular registration if I have pending registrations?

  • You can turn off the Attendee Registration Approval feature and switch to regular registration. The requests will remain there if you enable it again.

Is there a way to know which ticket type they chose?

  • Yes, click the request in the Requests tab to see the quantity and ticket type requested.

Can we automatically give them the free ticket after approval?

  • Yes, use the Approve and Assign Ticket option.

If they select more than one ticket, can I approve just one ticket?

  • That is not possible at this time. Presently, the feature functions by approving all registrants to buy all the tickets they have selected during registration. After approval, an email is sent letting them know about the available spots, corresponding to the number of tickets they requested. From there, the registrant has the option to select and purchase any or all of the available tickets.

Will the questions I ask through the registration approval appear in the order after they purchase?

  • No, they won't.

Are registrants asked to enter their basic information again when claiming tickets?

  • The system will automatically populate the first and last name fields and email addresses.

Can other types of form fields be added to the registration approval form, such as image upload or dropdown?

  • Yes, just click Add a New Question and select the field format you need.

Will Registration Approval work with recurring events?

  • Yes

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